RHA Launches the RHA Wireless Flight Adapter in Singapore

British high fidelity audio brand RHA introduced the RHA Wireless Flight Adapter in Singapore. The new adapter is made with avid travellers in mind, meticulously designed to encompass every possibility of use. Listeners can now connect any wireless headphones to in-flight entertainment systems onboard the plane, and turn audio devices – from cassette players to game consoles – into Bluetooth compatible devices with the new RHA adapter. 

Using RHA Wireless Flight Adapter with the in-flight entertainment system on a plane

Optimised for Travel

RHA’s Wireless Flight Adapter has two jacks, which can be used separately or together – allowing listeners to connect to either a single stereo or twin mono audio channels. With a simple one-button interface, listeners can combine RHA’s acclaimed engineering with the latest releases on in-flight entertainment. 

The compact and sleek design of the RHA Wireless Flight Adapter makes it easy to carry around in your bag, and slim enough to fit into your pockets. Its smooth exterior, combined with the semi-matte black colour completes the look, giving it a classic look that will never go out of style. 

With an unrivalled 16-hours battery life, flying from London to LA will go uninterrupted. Even if you run out of battery juice, the Wireless Adapter will provide continuous playback if plugged in via the supplied USB-C cable.

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter on the plane

Freedom to listen 

Besides being your trustworthy in-flight adapter, the RHA Wireless Flight Adapter can also be plugged into the headphone jack on portable gaming devices and fitness equipment – perfect for gamers and gym-goers. 

Vintage Hi-Fi and TV enthusiasts now have the freedom to listen and watch wire-free without noise complaints. The adapter operates with SBC and aptX and is equipped with Bluetooth 5 for unshakeable connectivity and excellent sound performance. Easy pairing, the ability to remember up to 8 devices, and a 10m+ range ensures a seamless transition for the adventurers and go-getters of the world.

The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter comes with a three-year guarantee and is a great companion for wireless headphone users who value great sound and style.

The RHA Wireless Flight Adapter

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 24g
  • Bluetooth: V5.0
  • CodecS: SBC, aptX
  • Battery Life: Up to 16 hours
  • Accessories: USB-C Charging cable (200mm)
  • Connections: Single stereo or twin mono 3.5mm output

Pricing & Availability

RHA Wireless Flight Adapter is available immediately at the recommended retail price (RRP) of $98 (including GST) at authorised retailers including AV One, Connect IT, E1 Personal Audio, iStudio, Jaben, Lazada (https://www.lazada.sg/shop/av1group), Playhao, Singtel, Stereo Electronics, TK Foto, Treoo.com, Urban.M, and XGear.