World’s Lightest 10-Inch Fully Rugged Windows Tablet: Dell’s Latitude 7030 Rugged Extreme

Dell has introduced a groundbreaking solution for professionals working in challenging environments, combining rugged durability with portability. The new Rugged product from Dell stands out as the world’s lightest 10-inch fully rugged Windows tablet, designed to meet the demands of those who spend the majority of their time away from traditional office settings.

The 7030 Rugged Extreme Tablet offers a comprehensive ecosystem of accessories and hot-swappable batteries, providing extended performance for users on the go. Whether in a factory, a machine shop, or on a snowy mountain, this tablet serves as the ultimate companion for individuals seeking a reliable and lightweight computing solution.

Dell’s Most Portable Fully Rugged Tablet
Weighing only 2.2 pounds, the 7030 Rugged Extreme Tablet is hailed as Dell’s most portable fully rugged tablet. Its lightweight design, coupled with a range of convenient accessories, ensures that users won’t experience discomfort or muscle strain during extended shifts in diverse environments, such as warehouse floors, accident scenes, or construction sites.

Complementing its larger sibling, the 12-inch Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet, the 10-inch model provides all-day mobility, allowing users to seamlessly transition between tasks. The 12-inch tablet excels in short commutes or lengthy factory shifts, while the 10-inch variant is ideal for line inspections and other on-the-go activities.

Swappable Batteries for All-Day Endurance
Portability is further enhanced by Dell’s inclusion of a dual hot-swappable battery option, in addition to the internal 36Whr battery.

This feature ensures uninterrupted power, allowing users to stay connected and productive throughout their fieldwork.

Small in Size, Big on Durability and Security
Despite its compact size, the 7030 Rugged Extreme Tablet boasts impressive durability with IP-65 and MIL-STD 810 ratings. It undergoes drop tests from up to four feet and temperature tests ranging from -20°F to 145°F. The tablet’s military-grade specifications and IP-65 rating guarantee protection against dust, dirt, and water ingress, making it resilient in extreme weather conditions.

Dell has equipped this fully rugged tablet with modern security features, including TPM 2.0 ControlVault for hardware-based encryption, an infrared camera for facial recognition, a touch fingerprint reader, camera privacy shutters, and smart card readers for added data protection.

Powerful Performance and Modern Features
Under the hood, the 7030 Rugged Extreme Tablet boasts up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, integrated Iris Xe graphics on select configurations, and up to 32GB of LPDDR5 memory. The tablet supports up to a 2TB NVMe SSD, ensuring ample storage space for users on the go.

Real-time data is displayed on the 10.1-inch FHD+ display, featuring a 16:10 aspect ratio and a brightness of 1000 nits, making it visible even in direct sunlight. The tablet’s glove-touch capability adds an extra layer of protection for those working with harsh chemicals or dangerous equipment.

Purpose-Built Accessories for Every Industry
The 7030 Rugged Extreme Tablet is complemented by a range of purpose-built accessories designed to meet the specific demands of various industries.

These include a rigid handle with a passive stylus, a detachable keyboard, and a rotating hand strap, offering users versatility and convenience in their tasks.

Seamless Deployment and Management
For companies deploying rugged devices at scale, Dell provides cloud-based deployment, management, and security solutions.

Additionally, enterprise services such as next-business-day on-site support and predictive ProSupport tools are available to ensure a streamlined and efficient experience.

Pricing and Availability
The Latitude 7030 Rugged Extreme Tablet is available in Singapore starting from December 13, with a starting price of SGD 3,529. Interested customers can purchase the product on and at Dell-exclusive stores in Singapore.