Cherlyn Cheers On With the Sony XB41 Bluetooth Speaker

“I use Bluetooth speakers, and to be honest I think a waterproof speaker makes a lot of sense to me in Singapore’s rainy weather, especially as I don’t like to carry an umbrella! For its size I think the XB41 just about right to go glamping (a portmanteau of glamour and camping).

Glamping, where you camp in luxury, is becoming quite popular with people my age, recently my friend’s birthday was a glamp, and we were playing dance music till quite like. I like the technicolour lights, and I notice the bass is particularly good – I haven’t maxed out the volume but it sounds great, and I’m very impressed with the ‘live effect’ as the RGB lights react to the music, and I’d be happy to take these speakers home and get the disco effect.

When I was in Cheer I used to go out to events alot – like festivals at Marina Barrage, and this XB41 would be great for these events as the bass is really good, especially with EDM and clubbing music. I also spend a lot of time at Tanjong Beach, and I was thinking that if I bring along this waterproof speaker I won’t have to get a spot near the clubs there to enjoy music.”

Cherlyn just started her marketing degree, and intends to go into event marketing once she graduates. Right now the former competitive cheerleader does event modelling and spends her free times hanging out a Tanjong Beach. You can find her on instagram @cherylnat.

Sony XB41 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Made for outdoor party types, the XB41 is your own music club, with twin 58mm audio drivers that can create a Live three dimensional sound field with the touch of a button. There’s also lights that flash and strobe to the music’s beat, and when you pick up the speaker and tap it on different areas it’ll make cowbell, kick drum and snare drum effects. Battery life is up to 24 hours and you can pair up to 100 XB41 units in a Party Chain so everyone gets the same music. Oh, and the XB41 is not only waterproof, it also floats and isdrop-proof to 1.2 metres.