Rayning Jelly Bears (RJB) to Represent Singapore in Legion of Champions Final

Legion of Champions - Rayning Jelly Bears

League of Legends team Rayning Jelly Bears (RJB) are the Singaporean kings of multiplayer online battle arena video game, League of Legends.

In the local final of Lenovo’s Legion of Champions (LoC) tournament, RJB faced off against No Scrims in a best of five match to see who would represent the Lion City in the upcoming Grand Finale in Bangkok.

The five-man team, with tactician Aaron standing behind their podium, took the battle to No Scrims and won the finals in 3-0 clean sweep.

Legion of Champions - Rayning Jelly Bears

With this victory, RJB have won a $500 cash prize and will be taking on the other top-dogs from the Asia Pacific region in the Grand Finals on 25 January 2019.

“For us, as a team, we always take the time to see what is good for our
strategies – for example like what we are really good at. So we decided that’s what
we should do, and if the enemy has something that we are afraid of, we just plan it out and play like how we normally do,” said Aaron after the conclusion of the third match.

On their thoughts of representing Singapore on a global stage, Aaron added: “Honestly, we were very confident about winning the whole thing. Now that we are going to Bangkok to actually play, it is going to be hard because we will be fighting against the best of other countries as well so we will try our best.”

Legion of Champions - Rayning Jelly Bears

Come January next year, 10 other teams will be joining Rayning Jelly Bears and battle it out for the grand prize of $US35,000. There will be competitions in all participating nations to find the cream of the crop, who will then fly over to Bangkok for the penultimate rounds of button-mashing mayhem.

For more information, visit the official Legion of Champions page.