Ohmyhome Implements Machine Learning to Help Sellers Accelerate Home Sales

Ohmyhome will be the first DIY property platform in Singapore to integrate machine learning technology onto its portal. The key feature of this integration aims to help shorten the time taken to sell a home, by automatically categorizing listing photos according to room type and systematically accessing and displaying the best performing images to home buyers. This will also in turn provide an enhanced experience for property buyers browsing through Ohmyhome.

Ohmyhome app machine learning in a group of applications

Key Features

With the smart image classification feature, home sellers will be able to enhance their listings automatically, as uploaded photos will not only be categorised based on its room type, but the smart algorithm implemented will also help to prioritise images based on its viewership numbers. Naturally, the most popular image will be displayed as the listing’s thumbnail, which will provide property sellers with the best chance of attracting the right buyers.

The move towards automation and enhanced algorithm technology is aimed at ensuring that Ohmyhome provides the most optimised services to their DIY buyers and sellers.

The technology will also bring great convenience to home buyers who would be able to pick which home aspect they would like to see without having to swipe through the other pictures. Grouping the images according to room type and surrounding also means that a simple home tour will be possible as home buyers can conveniently inspect the rooms from different angles, one room at a time.

On top of this, Ohmyhome is also taking it one step further to ensure all listing images that home buyers see on the app are real and genuine. The technology will be able to detect and flag out images that are likely fake, such as stock images.