The Lenovo Tab M10 HD is the Perfect Companion for Avrrey Snow in School, Work, and even during Meals

Avvrey Snow and the Lenovo Tab M10

Hey guys! It’s me again! I’m back with my Lenovo Tab M10 HD that I won by participating in last year’s NXT Angel Search (which I joined to get some experience in writing and journalism). This tablet is very convenient and useful for me due to many various reasons which I will share with you guys!

Presentation Assistant 

Before the circuit breaker, I had many presentations to clear for my school’s semester and I would always bring the Lenovo Tab M10 HD along with me on presentation day instead of my laptop because it is so much lighter than a laptop. It functions exactly the same as a laptop so I could use it to edit my google slides and use it to prep and practice before the presentation.

Avvrey Snow and the Lenovo Tab M10

Above is an image of my powerpoint slide and how I would view it while preparing for my presentation.

Research Companion during Home Based Learning (HBL)

Old habits die hard, because I would always bring my Lenovo Tab M10 HD to school on lecture days as I would need my laptop for slides my lecturer is going through and during times where we need to do research or do quiz on Kahoot. Instead of using my mobile phone, I prefer to use the Lenovo Tab M10 HD because it has a larger screen so I don’t have to zoom in on the research articles on the tablet. Now that I’m at home doing HBL, I am still using my Lenovo Tab M10 HD as a research companion.

Avvrey Snow and the Lenovo Tab M10

From the photo above you can see that my lecturer was screen sharing the lecture slides during our HBL zoom meeting. I am using my Lenovo M10 HD tablet for research because it is convenient to not have to switch screens on my laptop, from the slide my lecturer is sharing to another research tab. Not to mention it also has a larger screen than my phone.

My Photo Album 

Avvrey Snow and the Lenovo Tab M10

Like everyone else, I love travelling! I travel to at least one or two countries every year without fail during my semester break because travelling acts as fuel to my engine. When I travel, I love taking photographs of myself, my friends, my family, or the beautiful architecture of the country. The Lenovo Tab M10 is also my photo album, containing all the photos I took whenever I travel. This is possible because of its amazing 256GB microSD support that is an additional storage space on top of the 32GB that already allows me to store thousands and thousands of photos or my schoolwork without worrying about the memory space being insufficient. Apart from using it to store images or my schoolwork, I also use it to edit my images using VSCO (a photo editing app that I mentioned in my previous 5 Apps I Love article). After editing the pictures, the last step for me is to upload my travel photos on my social media platforms using the Lenovo Tab M10 HD. Easy, convenient, and has great storage capacity! What more can a student ask for?

Meal Companion 

I believe I am not the only one guilty of watching movies/shows while having meals. I use my Lenovo Tab M10 HD to watch movies/shows when I am having my meals during my break for HBL because it has a bigger screen than my phone. You must be wondering – Why not just use your laptop then? Because I find it very troublesome to bring my laptop out to the dining area for a meal during my break, then bring it back into the room for Zoom meetings with my lecturer or HBL. It is very disruptive too as I will need to rush and reopen all the school materials that I closed during my break.

Avvrey Snow and the Lenovo Tab M10

Here I was watching a new Netflix series; Kingdom. It is about zombies in ancient South Korea and it is very thrilling.

To conclude this article, this tablet is worth the price tag because, for this price, the functions and features of this tablet is unbelievable. It runs on Andriod so to compare it with a competitor, we could compare it to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.

Specs Lenovo Tab M10 HD Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1
Price $399 $344.42
Dimension (mm) 169.2 x 243.2 x 8.45 149 x 24 x 7.5
Display 10.1″ HD (1280 x 800) IPS with capacitive 10-point multitouch 10.1” HD
Memory -2GB RAM

-Up to 32GB ROM

-Up to 256GB microSD support





Although the Lenovo Tab M10 HD is slightly pricier by $54.58, I would still think it is more value for money as compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A 10.1 because as a student, the memory of the tablet matters a lot to me as we have report submissions, presentations, researches, and compulsory software to install and the Lenovo Tab M10 HD can have additional storage of up to 256GB. This is a major plus point for me and is also the reason why I still prefer the Lenovo Tab M10 HD. To add on, the dimension and display of the Lenovo Tab M10 HD is also way more outstanding than the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.

To conclude, the Lenovo Tab M10 HD is an economical tablet with outstanding specs for its price point and I love it.

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