5 Apps that Avrrey Snow Loves

5 apps that Avvrey loves

Hi guys! I am a year 3 poly student stuck at home during this circuit breaker and there are some apps that I use for entertainment whenever I have some free time from HBL. I will be sharing with you five of my favorite apps that I hope you will enjoy!

Mobile Legends

5 apps that Avvrey loves

Mobile Legends is one of my favorite mobile games. It is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where you and your friends (or four other team members that are randomly selected from players across the globe) will fight against another team of five. The main objective of the game is to destroy all the enemy’s turrets to hit their base. When the base is destroyed, it’s victory for your team! Together with my friends, I have been quite active with this game in order to kill some time during this circuit breaker, and my current rank is Epic 1. The hero I am using in this picture is Odette. She is my favorite hero because her attack range is longer than other heroes’. Available to download on both android and iOS.


The reason why I love Snow is not because we share the same name, but that Snow has virtual stickers that use augmented reality, and photographic filters. It is really helpful because I do not wear makeup at all ever since the circuit breaker started, but occasionally I will still share photos of myself on my Instagram. This is where Snow comes in handy because it allows you to look like a cute bunny or a sloth with its huge variety of filters! Available to download on both android and iOS.

5 apps that Avvrey loves

On the left, before using the SNOW filter, I used no makeup, having chapped lips & dull looking skin. On the right, after using the SNOW filter, you can see brighter skin with a cute cat on top of my head for extra cuteness and redder lips, covering the previously mentioned chapped lips.

SNOW filter is really a great app for anyone that wants to post decent pics on their IG/social media but is too lazy to put on makeup!


VSCO is a photography app where you can create an account and upload or take photos, edit, and add filters. I have been using this app so much recently that I decided to subscribe to their 1-year membership for around $20, where it enables you to access all of their 200+ filters. I’ve been using this app to edit all my pictures from last October when I went to Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. I did not get to edit them before this circuit breaker due to my hectic schedule with school, CCA, and work. Now that I have some time to spare, I’ve been revisiting my gallery to view and edit my pictures and it has been really therapeutic for me! Available to download on both android and iOS.

Here you can see some of the filters that are only accessible for membership users.

Before using the M6 & U4 filter:

5 apps that Avvrey loves

After using the M6 & U4 filter:

5 apps that Avvrey loves


No karaoke during this circuit breaker? No problem because there is 全民Party! It is a virtual karaoke app where you can create a karaoke room with your friends and sing! You can set a password for the karaoke room if you are shy and prefer a private karaoke session with just your friends. However, if you are a confident singer, you may set the room as public and anyone will be able to enter, enjoy your singing, and comment! You can even record yourself singing with this app. And if you are satisfied with how you sound, you can then proceed to download your recorded song and post it on social media. Available to download on both android and IOS.

This is an example of a recording that I downloaded of myself singing:


This is how the virtual karaoke room looks like, and you can see my friend’s compliments for me haha!

5 apps that Avvrey loves


Spotify is an app for streaming music online and listening to podcasts. I am a faithful Spotify user and have been using it for the past six years. I use it regularly during the circuit breaker since I am at home every day and it is nice to have some background music whenever I am showering, studying, or working out. I even as a lullaby to fall asleep easier after watching some horror or gory movies. I created a few playlists for my friends during this circuit breaker in hopes that we would still feel connected by listening to the same music. Available to download on both android and iOS.

5 apps that Avvrey loves

These are some of the songs from my Spotify playlist. There is a mixture of both English and Mandarin songs. I love listening to English songs whenever I am chilling, doing work, or having a workout session. When I am in the mood for some gloomy music, I usually go for Mandarin songs. My favorite artiste for Mandarin music would be Jay Chou because his songs are all so catchy and I realize I tend to sing more of his songs at karaoke sessions and on 全民Party. My favourite English artiste would be Ali Gatie because I really like contemporary R&B – it’s very chill and relaxing to listen to.