Locally-Developed Wearable Respiratory Device, AireSone Junior, Launches Kickstarter

Wearable respiratory device AireSone Junior recently launched its Kickstarter, and is set to run until 26 October. This device, developed by AEvice Health, is designed to help parents of asthmatic children monitor their child’s vitals and sleep quality remotely via a wearable device. It then sends regular updates to their smartphones and other smart devices.

Keeping a Close Watch on Your Child’s Health

The AireSone Junior sits on the child’s chest via an adhesive hypoallergenic silicon patch. How it works is by collecting acoustic signals (breathing sounds etc.) from the child, and this information is uploaded to a cloud. An algorithm then analyzes the respiration of its user according to heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep quality.

Tracking status with the app using AireSone Junior

Using this information, the AireSone Junior delivers an aggregate score to parents known as an AireScore. When it detects warning signs in a child’s vitals, or when the AireScore level falls below the expected rate, an alert will be sent to parents’ smart devices on Airesone Junior’s accompanying app.

A Kid-Friendly Device

Close-up of Ollie the Owl AireSone Junior

The AireSone Junior comes in three character designs, with their very own backstories of overcoming health issues. Bobo the Bear, Ollie the Owl, and Fitto the Frog all come together to help make the AireSone Junior an interactive experience between parents and their children.

AireSone Junior in three designs

The AireSone Junior is undergoing final developments and is expected to begin shipping from June 2019 onwards.