Taylor Swift is Fujifilm’s New Partner to Promote the instax Series

Fujifilm announced a new partnership and tour sponsorship with none other than 10-time Grammy award winner and everyone’s favorite country singer, Taylor Swift. Besides having a great voice and stage presence, she boasts more than 300 million social media followers. Like her or hate her, you can’t deny her influence upon this generation’s musical culture.

It’s a Love Story Baby Just Say Yes

Fujifilm’s instax series of instant cameras lets you shoot pictures and get them printed on the spot, giving you a nice memento (like a real life Instagram account). It’s been very popular globally, having shipped over 30 million units.

Taylor Swift Fujifilm instax series promotion

A sweeping promotional campaign with Taylor Swift will be rolled out in Summer 2018. Taylor has been a long-time instax user, and will be appearing in various television commercials and online campaigns.

Fujifilm is also a sponsor of the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour. This tour has already set an all-time attendance record in Glendale, Arizona. Concert stadiums will feature custom instax experience booths for fans to enjoy, and interactive digital brand promotional activities will run throughout the year.

In addition, Taylor Swift has also announced that she will bring the “Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour in Japan presented by Fujifilm instax” to Tokyo November 20 to 21. Stay tuned to TaylorSwift.com for further show information as it becomes available.