Five Great Reasons to Love PopSockets

Popsockets, the phenomenal Kickstarter success, is appearing on millions of phone cases. Here are just five out of the many reasons why.

Plenty of Amazing Designs to Choose From

PopSockets designs

The PopSockets catalogue is an impressive one, both in terms of the sheer variety in choices as well as how quickly they update the selection with new arrivals. Choose from designs inspired by aluminium, marble, abstracts, leather, Swarovski crystals, spirit animals, emoji, Harry Potter, Justice League, Marvel, Star Wars, Rick and Morty and various sports. This probably explains why celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Jared Leto, Michael Phelps, Fifth Harmony and Serena Williams are all sporting PopSockets on their phones.

Handier Phones with PopSockets

Everyone knows the frustrating struggle of dealing with the mysterious tangling earphones. Initially, PopSockets were designed to solve that problem, by letting you wind your earphones around the grip so it’s impossible to tangle. Now, they have evolved to add even more value than merely keeping your wires in check.

PopSockets friends

Fare better in your mobile games with a more secure grip on your slippery smartphone by wrapping your fingers around a PopSockets Grip or two. Its functions don’t just end there. You can pop the grip to transform it into a kickstand for you to watch Netflix videos, hands-free. Selfies are prettier when taken from a higher angle, and PopSockets let you do just that by stabilising your grip on the phone for clear and flattering shots.

Not Just a Phone Accessory

Get creative and think of the multiple other ways you can use the PopSockets. Wearing a pair of pocketless pants or skirt? When your hands are full, just tuck your phone at the side or back of the waistband with the PopSocket holding it in place securely. Ran out of hooks to hang your clothes on your wall? Perhaps stick Popsockets on your door or other suitable surfaces to hang your shirts.

PopSockets car mount

There’s something for drivers as well. PopSockets recently released car vent mounts so you can use Google Maps or review notifications while driving. You’ll never be caught holding your phone while driving or get frustrated from your phone sliding around on your lap ever again.

PopSockets friends 1

The Trendiest Things to Grace Your Phone

The people behind PopSockets are always on the lookout for the latest trends to design fresh and pop culture-related PopSockets Grips. For example, fans of Netflix original thriller drama Stranger Things can check out their Stranger Things collection, including one with Hawkins High School emblem.

PopSockets Avengers

Before you head down to a screening of the World Cup finals tomorrow, you can get  PopSockets Grips in the national flags of France or Croatia to pledge your allegiance. In fact, PopSockets is running a World Cup online game (http:/ where you can purchase a PopSockets Grip by today and guess the winning team to stand a chance of winning a set of ten collector’s PopSockets grips and the official jersey of the World Cup winning team.

Pop for a Good Cause

Besides having an innovative mind, David Barnett, the founder and CEO of PopSockets, has a good heart and is always think of making a positive social impact. Just four months ago, PopSockets announced a partnership with Craig Hospital in Denver, where patients with spinal cord or brain injuries can use their phones independently by wrapping their fingers around their PopSockets. Such a simple accessory goes a long way for them in improving their quality of life, letting them stay connected with friends and family as well as make emergency calls. Furthermore, Barnett decided to take the partnership to the next level by donating 10% of online net proceeds to benefit the hospital.

PopSockets friends

Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral in 2014? PopSockets also supported their cause and donated a portion of proceeds to the ALS Association that has worked tirelessly to discover a cure for ALS and advocate awareness of people with this disease.

Cookie Monster PopSockets

The Pop for Purpose collection isn’t just cute (take a look at the cookie monster PopSocket!), but 50% of the sales go to a unique charity, letting you consider the cause you want to support instead of simply the design you prefer. How noble is that?