Refresh Your Clothes Without Hassle With The LG Styler

Because doing the laundry is still extremely painful, LG has launched a new line-up of TWINWash washing machines, LG dryers, and the LG Styler. This total laundry system provides a solution for each step of the laundry process which will help to make household chores much easier. These solutions are also Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to their SmartThinQ app, so you can do your laundry remotely like a boss.

Today, let’s take a look at the LG Styler.

The Washer That Washes Without Washing

Have you ever faced the situation of wondering whether to wash a shirt because you’ve only wore it for a few minutes? Or how the heck you’re going to wash a teddy bear? The LG Styler will solve these issues for you.

LG Styler in wardrobe

The LG Styler completes the laundry care suite. It’s meant for special care items such as soft toys, pillows, duvets and more. Not only that, it’s also a great solution to refresh your clothes which don’t require too much washing.

The LG Styler is equipped with LG TrueSteam technology that is an easy, straightforward way to gently sanitize clothes, reduce wrinkles and eliminate unpleasant odors left behind by smoke, food and sweat. Thanks to a special door compartment, the LG Styler adds a neat crease to dress pants too.

LG Styler S3WF

The LG Styler offers a two-in-one solution — it not only sanitizes and reduces wrinkles for clothes, but also dehumidifies the room where it is installed. Using the Refresh Mode, a 39-minute standard normal cycle once a day for 30 days will only cost around S$8 per month. The energy-efficient solution consumes only 178 watts on a two-hour dehumidify cycle. This makes the LG Styler a great piece of investment for the long run.