PSVR’s Firewall Zero Hour Will Be Released On 28 August

Here’s something for our local VR fans to look forward to. Sony Interactive announced that the localized version of Firewall Zero Hour will be released on 28 August, 2018. It has a suggested retail price of $54.90 for the blu-ray disc and $50.90 for the digital version.

A special Firewall Zero Hour PSVR Aim Controller Bundle Pack will also be available on 28 August at $129. This bundle includes the game and an aim controller which simulates the look and feel of a weapon in your hands right down to the virtual scope and built in haptic feedback.

A Virtual Reality Online Shooter

Firewall Zero Hour is an online 4v4 first-person shooter. You play a mercenary soldier hired by an anonymous contractor to search for and fight over a set of confidential data. During the mission, you’ll be informed of what the objectives are and where the confidential data is located. Once you have accomplished the mission, you will receive your reward.
As Firewall Zero Hour is an online multiplayer experience, you’ll have to upgrade your gear and coordinate with your team in order to achieve victory. The winning team will gain experience points and in-game currency after each match. By using these experience points and the in-game currency, you can unlock and purchase new mercenary characters, weapons and equipment.