XGIMI HORIZON Ultra: The World’s First 4K Long Throw Home Projector with Dolby Vision®

XGIMI, the renowned projector and laser TV brand, has unveiled its latest flagship 4K product, the HORIZON Ultra. This remarkable device marks a groundbreaking milestone as the world’s first and only long-throw home projector equipped with Dolby Vision® technology. Packed with innovative features, including a hybrid laser and LED system, cutting-edge hardware-level computing optics reminiscent of high-end projectors costing thousands of dollars, low-latency gaming modes, and a sleek and modern design, the HORIZON Ultra sets a new standard for home entertainment. This cutting-edge projector is available now, offering an exceptional value proposition to deliver the most immersive and desirable viewing experience in the current market.

Bringing In-Theater Innovation to Your Home

XGIMI is once again revolutionizing the world of home entertainment with the HORIZON Ultra, which brings the cinematic performance and visual quality of movie theatres right into your living room. This remarkable projector stands as the first and only 4K long-throw home projector with Dolby Vision, making this premium visual experience accessible to a wider range of consumers. Dolby Vision unlocks the full potential of High Dynamic Range (HDR), delivering breathtaking visuals characterized by exceptional brightness, richer colours, and expanded contrast, unveiling previously hidden details in your favourite content.

Apollo Zhong, the founder and CEO of XGIMI, remarked on the changing landscape of entertainment consumption, driven by increased at-home streaming. He emphasized that feedback from their global community of over 4 million customers played a pivotal role in the development of the HORIZON Ultra. They aimed to bring best-in-class immersive experiences, such as Dolby Vision, to their latest product lineup without any compromises, necessitating significant innovation. XGIMI is confident that the HORIZON Ultra will elevate home entertainment to extraordinary levels.

Unmatched Brightness and Color Accuracy

The HORIZON Ultra introduces the Laser-LED Dual-Light technology, a pioneering hybrid system that seamlessly combines the strengths of both laser and LED lighting. Historically, projectors have relied on either laser or LED, each with its limitations. However, with XGIMI’s Dual Light system, the HORIZON Ultra combines the advantages of both technologies without any compromises. This innovative approach results in a continuous natural spectrum with an exceptionally wide colour gamut, extremely high brightness, and unparalleled colour accuracy. This projector boasts an impressive 2300 ISO Lumens output, marking XGIMI’s brightest display to date, showcasing a remarkable 77% increase from its predecessor, the HORIZON Pro.

The HORIZON Ultra covers over 95.5% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut and exceeds 99.9% coverage of the Rec.709 colour gamut, ensuring faithful reproduction of cinematic colours. Moreover, a highly precise colour calibration platform, designed specifically for the HORIZON Ultra, achieves an average colour accuracy of △E≈1. This calibration is certified by two major institutions, SGS in Switzerland and TÜV Süd, promising an unparalleled viewing experience with crystal-clear images devoid of colour aberrations or imperfections, surpassing conventional projectors in the same or even higher price range.

Intelligent Adaptation to Your Environment

XGIMI takes environmental conditions seriously, understanding their critical impact on the viewing experience. Factors such as lighting, wall colours, curtains, and projector placement can all influence the performance of standard projectors. To address this, XGIMI introduces Intelligent Screen Adaptation Technology 3.0 (ISA 3.0), a cutting-edge system previously reserved for high-end theatres and luxury markets. ISA 3.0, encompassing both software and hardware-level computing optics, dynamically adjusts the viewing environment to ensure optimal picture quality at all times.

ISA 3.0 hardware features a Dynamic Iris for precise brightness and contrast adjustments, a Dynamic Color Adjustment Module, and an automatic optical zoom module for seamless screen scaling. These three breakthrough hardware innovations create a real-time precision optical processing system. For instance, ISA 3.0 allows for dynamic adjustments of brightness and colours, automatically adapting viewing settings for both daytime and nighttime use, enhancing brightness during the day and optimizing colours at night.

This technology prioritizes the consumer’s viewing experience, building upon previous iterations of ISA to guarantee uninterrupted auto focus and keystone correction. Additionally, ISA 3.0 introduces a Wall Color Adaptation feature that automatically adjusts brightness and colours to complement the wall colour of the content displayed. The HORIZON Ultra maintains XGIMI’s commitment to enhanced eye protection, with the projector dimming its light output when it detects moving objects in front of the screen, safeguarding the eyes of children and infants from undue strain.

The Ultimate Choice for Gamers

Gamers will find the HORIZON Ultra to be their ideal companion, featuring a brand-new gaming mode with professional-grade low latency of just 18 milliseconds. Supporting 4K at 60Hz, this projector allows hardcore gamers to enjoy fast refresh rates and minimal input lag, ensuring an incredibly smooth and responsive gaming experience. With the ability to display screens of up to 200 inches, gamers can immerse themselves in a clear and expansive visual field, taking their gaming adventures to the next level.

Pricing & Availability

The HORIZON Ultra is available for purchase now at a retail price of SGD $2,799.00 and can be acquired through XGIMI’s official website, Shopee,  Lazada, and XGIMI Flagship Store at Bugis Junction.