The New LG Dryers Work Extra Fast and are Gentle on your Clothes

Because doing the laundry is still extremely painful, LG has launched a new line-up of TWINWash washing machines, LG dryers, and the LG Styler. This total laundry system provides a solution for each step of the laundry process which will help to make household chores much easier. These solutions are also Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to their SmartThinQ app, so you can do your laundry remotely like a boss.

Today, let’s take a look at the new LG dryers.

LG Dryer TD-H90WD

High-Efficiency Dryers That Deliver Better and More Convenient Drying Results

The number one complaint of people who own dryers is that they consume too much power and damage your clothes. Well here’s some good news. LG has developed dryers that protect the integrity of your clothing while consuming less energy. The new dryers (TD-H90SD and TD-H90WD) come with an industry-leading DUAL Inverter Heat Pump which has a 5-tick rating from NEA with the lowest energy consumption in the Singaporean market. This means you get fast drying time and enhanced performance, thanks to two compressing cylinders that simultaneously compress the refrigerant.

The new dryers’ Heat Pump technology also maintains a low temperature to minimize shrinkage and damage. The appliances are also equipped with the Allergy Care cycle, which eliminates 99.9 percent of house dust mites, pet allergens and pollen to ensure a clean and hygienic results. Since almost everyone in Singapore seem to have some kind of sinus problem, this is a godsend.

LG Dryer TD-H90SD with Mini Washer

In addition, the Sensor Dry technology detects moisture on clothing to automatically adjust drying time and temperature to their optimal settings. And of course, the new dryers are also compatible with the LG TWINWash mini washers.