My To-Go Photography Assistant, Hohem GO

Hey guys! It has been a long time since I came back with a review article, and I am exceptionally excited today because this product has been my to-go companion when I am taking photos or videos. The Hohem GO is a next-gen superb tracking phone or tablet holder. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track me, and I just have to attach my phone or tablet to start filming. Check out my unboxing video of the Hohem GO below!

To set up the Hohem GO, I did not need to download any app, nor did I have to use Bluetooth connectivity. After just powering on, I could instantly start shooting 360 degrees!

It allows for 360° Pan Rotation, 15° Tilt Up Rotation, and 15° Tilt down Rotation. It was also very easy to control: do an ‘OK’ gesture to start, and put my palm out to stop.

As my sister is currently in the UK, we usually send video updates to each other. The Hohem GO has been very helpful as when I walk around the room to show her things or talk to her, it will automatically track me and I do not have to manually shift and adjust the camera. This has made sending her videos so much more convenient and seamless. Check out a small snippet that I sent her last weekend, of me playing with my friend’s dog!

I was initially concerned that it would not be able to hold the weight of my tablet, as my tablet was really bulky. However, with the Hohem GO’s very steady base, I was pleasantly surprised when the tablet did not budge at all.

The Hohem GO has also been really helpful when I want to take my OOTDs alone. It is almost like my photography assistant, where it easily helps me capture every moment. No need to worry about having to trouble my friends to keep retaking my pictures when I am not satisfied. This is the key to an Insta-worthy shot.

Not just OOTDs, it is also great at filming videos. TikTok is a rising trend now, and I know many friends who just plop their phones on the ground and start filming. They have complained that it was a hassle because they could never find the right angle, and spend the majority of their time re-adjusting the camera to get the best angle. We tried filming a TikTok video with the Hohem GO, and it has shortened our preparation time by a significant amount. I made a quick cooking vlog on TikTok, check it out!

Watch the TikTok video here.

Aesthetically, its warm white surface and elegant curves give off a retro Italian vibe which adds to the look of my room. At only 300g, it is lightweight and portable to carry out and bring around with me. At full charge, it can last up to 10 hours.

The Hohem GO is available in the Hohem brand store at S$89.