The Sony Xperia XZ2, Made for the Pleasure Seekers

The sleek Sony Xperia XZ2 is designed for the fun-seekers who truly enjoy gaming, producing comical videos, and taking pictures for amusement. People who simply want a smartphone for happier days.

Making A Vanessa Junior Music Video

I was so excited to try out the 3D Creator application for the first time and I got a friend to help me with the 3D scan. This involves panning the camera around your head to capture your facial features accurately. The Xperia XZ2 lets you do it using the selfie camera too, but it requires a little more skill to produce an accurate model which I have not yet mastered.

Before I jump into the 3D-avatar world, I uploaded the model into Shadow – a companion app – and customised my avatar which I affectionately named “Vanessa Junior” with different sets of outfits till I settled for a look I would actually go for in real life.

Next up is the fun part: making an animated music video and a movie teaser. This is perfect for me because even though I am unfortunately not blessed with dancing talent, at least my avatar can dance a mean number.

The final step? Sharing it on social media of course! I posted the video directly to my Facebook timeline within the app, and I know that my friends would definitely have a good laugh over the little music video.

Here’s a video of a prettier 3D model in a Star Wars teaser, as well as a dance video where I chose a flamenco dance in Rio.

Immersed In Entertainment

Days where I stay home don’t equate to days I don’t have fun. Chilling at home and catching up on the latest episode of Supergirl with a tub of Ben & Jerry is extra enjoyable when I’m watching it on the 5.7” large HDR display screen. Colours have never been more vibrant and the details are crystal clear, as if I’m watching it on a downsized Sony Bravia TV.

After the episode, I wanted to watch something less intense, and the best place for such content is YouTube of course. Although some videos are not in HDR, X-Reality for mobile gives more life to the videos and up-converts them to near HDR.

Vanessa using the Sony Xperia XZ2 on the train

Nothing Interrupts The Fun

The best experiences are those that are uninhibited, and for me that means zero buffering time when I load videos and a long battery life so that I can be lost in entertainment for hours upon hours. With the cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform with X20 LTE, I can load a 20-minute episode in merely 20 seconds. That is less than the time it takes for me to grab a glass of water from the kitchen. The lighting-connection speed eliminates all the frustration I had when I had to spend as much time waiting for an episode to load than actually watching it. This means more time for more episodes!

Vanessa holding the Sony Xperia XZ2 on the streets

When I have a long day outside, I can safely leave my portable charger at home knowing that the XZ2 is equipped with a large 3180mAh battery and extremely power efficient control. I won’t have to worry about whether my battery will die out on me before I reach home if I play games while killing time on the train. The XZ2 has a panoply of power saving features such as the Smart Stamina and STAMINA mode seen in other Xperia models, plus Battery Care and Qnovo Adaptive Charging Technology to help the battery stay healthy and ensure a long battery lifespan. This makes the Xperia XZ2 the ideal all-day mobile entertainment device.