Zina Ng: Beyerdynamic’s Custom Street are customisable in more ways than one

It’s possible that even a respected audio company can get it wrong in trying to make headphones that appeal to a young mainstream audience. Thankfully, this is not that moment. Custom Street maintains its focus on audio quality and isn’t trying too hard to stand out from the crowd. Play it cool, yo.

Zina Ng


“I have a channel on BeLive (@thatszeena) where I busk contemporary pop songs several times a week. I do it to build my confidence in performing in front of different kinds of audiences. I’ve loved music since I was young as I picked it up from my mum and I can play the piano and guitar. My friends urged me to try performing, and I’ve been continuing to do so because it’s been a good experience. I’ve tried the Beyerdynamic Custom Street, and I find it rather comfortable to wear. I also like the idea of being able to customise the headphone by changing the plates on the earcups. The sound is quite good compared to Apple earbuds – it feels a lot more engaging, and I really enjoy listening to Bohemian Rhapsody on it.”

– Zina Ng


Beyerdynamic Custom Street

Beyerdynamic Custom Street

S$269 www.beyerdynamic.com