Rethink the Way You Curl Your Hair with the Dyson Airwrap Styler

Vanessa Ho dyson airwrap

Hands up if you blew a bit of a bomb for the Dyson Supersonic. Was it worth it? What I heard from my friends who bought it is a confident collective “yes”. Recently, Dyson launched something just as good as the Supersonic, if not better. It’s the Airwrap Styler, a luxury hair curler with advanced technology that packs a whole lot into a set so you get more out of the premium price.

What’s Packed in the Sleek Styler

Vanessa Ho dyson airwrap

After four years of development and a cool $71 million on research and engineering, Dyson has found their winning formula in hair care – the digital motor V9 (together with other technology discovered). Just like the Supersonic, the Airwrap boasts the V9, a powerful and fast motor, yet it is not ridiculously noisy. Don’t underestimate the little bronze bead hidden in the handle of the styler as it can measure the temperature of the barrel and mix the air to ensure it does not overheat and damage your hair cuticles.

Vanessa Ho dyson airwrap

Albeit extreme temperature produces longer-lasting curls, it can damage hair cuticles and make your hair look frizzy in the long run. Ben Bobillier, the lead hair care engineer at Dyson explained, “With our research, we found that we can get a good style without damage if we keep it to below 150℃, so we optimised the Supersonic and Airwrap to work below that temperature. Our competitors have tools that can go up to 230℃, but you will never reach those extreme high temperatures with the Airwrap.”

The Airwrap Styler allows different degrees of heat and strength of airflow, but Dyson recommends the highest for both for more stubborn Asian hair. When you volumise your crown or fringe near your face (tip: use your palm to direct the barrel or brush), you should turn the heat down a little to avoid discomfort.

Vanessa Ho dyson airwrap

The Coanda Effect

Let’s get scientific. The Coanda effect is the phenomenon in which a jet flow attaches itself to a nearby surface and remains attached even when the surface curves away from the initial jet direction.

This aerodynamic phenomenon is the reason why the Airwrap attracts your hair to the barrel (explains the product’s name), which saves you all the hassle of clamping your hair down or awkwardly wrapping it around with the ends sticking out. You won’t have straight or frizzy ends when you curl with the Airwrap.

You have to rethink the way you style your hair and drop your old hairstyling habits. The Dyson Airwrap works the best when you pinch the midsection of your hair, and hold the barrel parallel to your face (or perpendicular to your hair section) near the ends of your hair. Once the ends of the hair wrap around the barrel, you can bring the barrel closer to the head for more hair to wrap around. Here’s a tip: look at the mirror to see the arrow direction, which will point to the side of the barrel where your hair should be positioned. It might take a while to get used to, as you no longer hold the barrel slanted, but once you master it with a few tries, it’ll be the most effortless way you have ever curled your hair.

Here’s a key question: how long does it take to style your hair? Depending on your hair thickness, it will take around 10 to 20 minutes for the whole process, with each hair section taking five to six seconds to heat till the wetness is gone, and two to three seconds to cool, close the cuticles and set the curls.

Unboxing the Complete Set

Vanessa Ho dyson airwrap

James Dyson himself designed the tan luxurious case that cushions the attachments and shuts with a magnetic clasp. The downside is that it’s a little bulky and unsuitable for travel, but it makes a perfect display piece on your dressing table. The Complete set is equipped with a pair of 30mm and 40mm for medium and large curls respectively, with each pair consisting of barrels that shoots air in opposite directions for inwards and outwards curls.

If you have yet to get your hands on the Supersonic, don’t worry as the set comes with a pre-styling dryer, so you can dry your hair till around 20 percent wetness after a shower. There are three brushes to complete the set. A Firm Smoothing Airbrush for straightening thick and coarse hair with bristles that can create more tension in the hair for neater styling. A Soft Smoothing Airbrush with flexible ball-tipped bristles for straightening finer hair and is gentler on the scalp. Lastly, a Round Volumising Brush that creates volume and shapes finer and straighter hair. The brushes are ideal for creating ‘C’ Curls, or for days where you want to go for a straighter hairstyle and eliminate all the frizz.

Vanessa Ho dyson airwrap

The Volume + Shape and Smooth + Control sets are S$649, and the Complete Set shown above is S$699. Available at selected departmental and electronic stores, including Robinsons the Heeran and TANGS at Tangs Plaza.