Wendy: Two Screens are Better than One

WendyNintendo’s 2DS XL could well be the DS they should have made from the beginning. Without the 3D shenanigans, the 2DS XL brought attention back to what Nintendo does best – changing the way we look at games in unexpected ways. Wendy seems to agree as well.

“I mostly play games like Mobile Legends and Clash Royale on the phone out of convenience, so I don’t really find the Nintendo 2DS XL to be something I’m tempted by. Don’t get me wrong; I do find it cool. It’s very different from the mobile games I’m used to, which I admit can be quite repetitive. Nintendo must be pretty creative because I never thought you could make games so interesting just by making use of two screens. However, it’s still not for me as I’m worried about missing calls and texts – that is unless they can turn it into a phone too!” – Wendy



Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo 2DS XL