The Vivofit Jr. 2 Lets You Track Your Activity With Disney And Marvel Characters!

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When it comes to combating the rising rates of childhood obesity, technology can be a rather double-edged sword. On one end of the spectrum, tablets and Netflix and YouTube make it easier than ever for kids to develop an inactive lifestyle. On the other end, you’ve got things like the vivofit jr. 2 activity tracker for kids! And that latter one has got an edge in winning kids over with the recent release of Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel-themed bands.

Get Fit With Your Favourite Characters

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The bands feature designs of popular characters, like Minnie Mouse, BB-8, and Marvel’s Captain America. Depending on where your child’s alliance lies, they can get fit with Team Cap, or tackle adventures on the planet Jakku, or more!

vivofit jr. 2 minnie mouse

Each band theme offers a corresponding mobile app adventure where children can complete missions like chores, exercise, and more. Completing missions lets kids advance in their journey, and unlocks new character step icons.

Parents Get To Play A Part Too!

vivofit jr. 2 mobile app

If you’re a parent but wish you could get in on a slice of the action, don’t worry! Parents can use the free mobile app to manage the vivofit jr. 2 activity tracker. They can see each child’s steps, sleep, daily activities, and chore data. Now the entire family can get fit together! Simply invite the whole family to compete in a daily step challenge.

Parents can also assign tasks and chores, and designate a reward for each completed task or chore. Your son finished cleaning his room? Great, reward him with an ice cream! Worried he might gain weight? Just make sure he hits his daily step count!

And parents with multiple kids don’t have to worry about playing favourites either. The app allows you to add profiles for individual children! Make it a friendly competition between your children to see who can do the most chores. Who knows, you might see your house sparkling clean in less than a month.

Designed For All Day Wearability And Comfort

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Children get up to all sorts of activities throughout the course of their day. So it’s a good thing that the vivofit jr. 2 activity tracker is designed for comfort and 24/7 wearability! It features a customizable colour screen, a 1+ year battery life, and comes with one of two kid-tough band options. Choose between a stretchy band for smaller wrists, or an adjustable band for older kids.

Three Different App Experiences For Always New Adventures

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Accessory bands are available for purchase separately, so kids can explore all three adventures by simply swapping out their band for a new one.

The three different app experiences include:

Mickey’s Birthday Surprise: A Disney Adventure

In this adventure, kids go alongside Minnie Mouse and her friends as they plan a surprise birthday party for Mickey Mouse. Decorate for the party with Daisy Duck, whip up the birthday cake with Goofy, and get everything ready without Mickey Mouse finding out!

BB-8’s Adventure: A Star Wars Story

In this adventure, kids go alongside BB-8 and the pilot Zepha as they tackle app adventures on the planet Jakku. Search abandoned starships for missing parts, meet Maz Kanata, and help rescue BB-8 from danger!

Ultron’s Revenge: A Marvel Avenger’s Mission

In this adventure, kids go alongside Captain America and the Avengers as they tackle app adventures in New York City and try to defeat Ultron. Meet the invincible Iron Man at Tony Stark’s lab, help Thor capture the mischievous Loki, and even accompany Black Widow on top secret S.H.I.E.L.D. missions.

The vivofit jr. 2 is available for purchase at a suggested retail price of SGD149, and SGD45 for each additional band. The patterns vary by size, and include popular characters like Minnie Mouse and BB-8.