Ressence Launches TYPE 1° Round Watch with Simplified Design and New Night Blue Colour

A watch is not just a tool but an emotional object. Ressence’s new TYPE 1° Round watch features rotating discs that display time in a unique format with a minimalist design that aims to create an emotional and tactile relationship between the owner and the watch. The latest version of Ressence’s TYPE 1 collection is the TYPE 1° Round.

All Round

The TYPE 1° Round watch design emphasizes simple, sensual shapes that express the purest form of time. The sapphire crystal and case merge seamlessly in a simple radius, creating a satisfying tactile experience that blends with any wrist and style.

Night Blue

The new Night Blue colour adds depth and a more visceral experience to the TYPE 1° Round’s design. The sunray silver metallic discs highlight the movement of the dial, creating mesmerizing reflections as time passes.


Refined Dial Design

The TYPE 1° Round dial has been simplified with indexes every 10 minutes and a weekday dial that subtly unites the two non-working days of the week with a touch of colour. The Second and Weekday hands are larger for improved reading.

Intuitive Simplicity

Ressence watches are intuitive to use, as setting the time also winds the timepiece. The absence of a crown makes the watch comfortable for both left and right wrists.

The Ressence TYPE 1° Round will be available in two finishes – Black and Night Blue, and retails for S$28,500 each (with GST).