Logitech Introduces MX Brio: A Leap Forward in Webcam Technology Designed for Modern Work and Streaming

Logitech announced the launch of the MX Brio, its most sophisticated webcam to date. As part of the esteemed MX Master Series, the MX Brio sets a new standard in webcam performance, enhancing work and streaming environments for both individuals and businesses.

Logitech MX Brio Graphite

The MX Brio delivers unparalleled clarity with its Ultra HD 4K resolution, equipped with a next-generation sensor that boasts 70 per cent larger pixels compared to its predecessor, the Brio 4K. This advancement results in significantly sharper images, setting a new benchmark for image quality in Logitech’s lineup.

Logitech MX Brio Pale Grey

Anatoliy Polyanker, General Manager of the MX Business at Logitech, emphasized the MX Brio’s adaptability across various work settings, “MX users often operate from diverse environments and demand a webcam that provides superior video and audio quality. The MX Brio not only meets this demand but also enhances user interaction through advanced customization and innovative features.”

Key Features of MX Brio:
● Ultra HD 4K Video: Offers professional-grade video quality that brings meetings and streams to life.
● AI-Enhanced Imaging: Utilizes AI technology for auto light correction and face enhancement, delivering natural and detailed visuals even in challenging lighting conditions.
● Customization Tools: Users can fine-tune settings such as exposure, tint, and field of view using Logitech software like Logi Options+, Logi Tune, and G HUB.
● Show Mode: Easily shares detailed sketches or objects by tilting the camera down to the desk.
● Audio Clarity: Features dual beamforming microphones to minimize background noise.
● RightSight Autoframing: Automatically frames and centers the speaker, adjusting as they move.

Logitech is also committed to sustainability, ensuring that the MX Brio aligns with its broader environmental goals.

The device is certified carbon neutral and incorporates significant amounts of post-consumer recycled plastic — 82% for the Graphite model and 75% for the Pale Grey model. The packaging is sourced from FSC™-certified forests and controlled sources, emphasizing the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

The MX Brio webcam is available in two colors: Graphite and Pale Grey, and retails at $349. Find out more here.