5 Essential Tips for Beginners in Palworld (Part 1): A Guide to Enhancing Your Survival Experience

Getting started in a new game like Palworld can be overwhelming, especially with its deep mechanics and vast open world waiting to be explored. Whether you’re crafting your first gun, capturing your first Pal, or deciding where to set up your base, there’s a lot to consider. To help you navigate the early stages of your adventure, here are five crucial tips for beginners.

1. Choose Your Starting Location Wisely
Your starting location in Palworld can significantly impact your early game success. Different areas offer unique benefits, such as defensive advantages, rare Pal sightings, or abundant resources.

For a balanced start, consider locations like the Windswept Hills Plateau of Beginning, which boasts high levels of resources and Pals. Your goals should guide your choice of location, whether you’re focusing on building a strong base, capturing rare Pals, or gathering resources.

2. Master the Art of Palsphere Trick Shots
Palspheres are your primary tool for capturing Pals in Palworld, and learning to use them effectively can make your life much easier. Instead of directly aiming at your target, try bouncing Palspheres off surfaces. This method is particularly useful if you struggle with accuracy.

Bowling your Palspheres can help you maintain a low trajectory, increasing your chances of hitting the target. Experiment with different angles and surfaces to find the most effective way to capture Pals.

3. Know When to Retreat
In Palworld, death comes with significant consequences, including the loss of valuable items. If you find yourself in a dire situation, especially during boss battles, don’t hesitate to use the “Return To Title” option from the menu.

This strategy can save your belongings and give you a chance to regroup, strengthen your Pals, and tackle the challenge with better preparation. There’s no shame in retreating to fight another day.

4. Layer Your Clothes for Environmental Protection
It might sound odd, but wearing multiple sets of the same clothes can offer substantial benefits in Palworld. This game allows you to equip multiple pieces of clothing in the same category, enabling you to stack buffs.

For instance, doubling up on Heat Resistance underwear can be a lifesaver in volcanic areas. This strategy is essential for explorers venturing into unknown territories, as it prepares them for various environmental challenges.

5. Utilize Automatic EXP Sharing
Levelling up new Pals can be a time-consuming process, but Palworld offers a convenient solution: automatic EXP sharing. By including low-level Pals in your party during battles against high-level enemies, you can accelerate their levelling process. This system ensures that all Pals in your party benefit from the experience gained, allowing new additions to quickly catch up with the rest of your team.

Palworld is a game of exploration, strategy, and survival. By applying these tips, you’ll be better equipped to navigate its challenges and make the most of your adventure. Whether you’re mastering Palsphere trick shots, strategically retreating from battles, optimizing your attire for environmental hazards, selecting the perfect starting location, or efficiently levelling up your Pals, each decision plays a crucial role in your journey through the world of Palworld.

Stay tuned for more intermediate tips!