Crystal clear sound with SHURE SE215

Earphones are a daily essen/al in my rou/ne, so I was thrilled to get my hands on Shure’s SE215 Professional Sound Isolating earphones. While it has been on the market for quite a while, I have never gotten the chance to try it despite hearing rave reviews.

Within moments, I fell in love with its gorgeous crystal-clear design that gave me a glimpse into the inner mechanics of the earphones. Since I am already lugging my heavy laptop around, I am generally reluctant to further add to my load. As such, I loved how these were lightweight op/on that I could carry with me on the go.

My first order of the day was going on my morning jog around my neighbourhood. Half asleep, I normally blast some tunes to get my body moving so I seized the chance to bring the SE215 out for a spin. The sound quality was astounding, and the booming beats of my favourite song “Sunshine” by One Republic spurred me on to go faster than ever before.

The earphones have a foldable wire which tightly secured them to my ears, ensuring they did not fall out midway through my run. Another feature I loved was the over-the-ear configuration which kept cables out of the way, ensuring the wires did not get tangled up.

Next, I headed off to school where I tuned in to my favourite podcast channel “The Daily Ketchup” whilst on the bus. Here the sound isola/ng sleeves came in handy. They can block up to 37dB of noise, so I could catch every word despite the roar of the morning rush hour. Given that it has no active noise cancelling, I found this feature pretty impressive.

Being an aspiring content producer, I spend my spare /me edi/ng videos to post on TikTok and Instagram. With the SE215, I was able to detect the subtle rises and falls in the tunes and adjust my videos to maximise the impact.

Designed to maximise comfort, I had no complaints a[er wearing these for 8 hours. Its op/mised nozzle range rested comfortably in my ear and its gold-plated MMCX Connector provided 360-degree rota/on for a comfortable, snug fit. The kit comes with 3 sizes of flex and black foam sleeves so you can pick and choose based on what fit suits you best.

One of my major pet peeves when it comes to earphones is that the wires are always getting tangled up. As such, I was overjoyed to find that the earphones came with a soft zip, compact carrying case, providing a convenient, tangle-free solution for me to store and travel with my earphones.

Priced at only SGD 169, these are a steal. It also comes in 5 gorgeous shades for you to pick from so what are you waiting for? Shop yours now on AV One or the Shure online store.