Next-Generation Skincare Device for Enhanced At-Home Beauty with Droplette 2

Droplette, the innovative force behind groundbreaking skincare technology, proudly introduces the highly anticipated second iteration of its acclaimed skincare device. Unveiling a sleeker and smarter design, Droplette continues its dedication to pioneering excellence, offering consumers a heightened and personalized at-home beauty experience.

Droplette 2 represents a leap forward in skincare innovation, empowering users to craft tailored treatment regimens aligned with their individual skin aspirations. This cutting-edge device ushers in a comprehensive and interconnected approach to skincare, enabling users to elevate their skin health from the comfort of their homes.

The technology underpinning Droplette 2 has undergone significant enhancements across hardware, software, and mobile app domains. This evolution translates into clinically validated skincare treatments and a gratifying customized encounter, eliminating the need for visits to medical spas. Through the utilization of fluid physics phenomena, the micro-infusing device transforms dermatologist-recommended treatment capsules – featuring ingredients like collagen, retinol, tranexamic acid, glycolic acid, lip plumper, and growth factors – into a high-velocity micro-mist. This mist delicately permeates the skin, circumventing the need for needles or discomfort, and achieves absorption depths comparable to injectables, yielding remarkably potent results.

Droplette’s latest iteration, boasting an impressive redesign that shares only a mere 5% of its predecessor’s internal structure, constitutes a true breakthrough. This painless administration of skincare compounds penetrates a remarkable 20 times deeper through the skin barrier than conventional topicals, ensuring clinical-grade outcomes from the confines of one’s residence.

Key Features and Advantages

● Streamlined design with a compact charger for enhanced portability.
● Augmented connectivity and expanded memory, integrating Bluetooth 5.0 technology for more intelligent operation.
● Employs a 10-Volt Pump for robust delivery, ensuring deep penetration of potent yet gentle skincare formulations.
● Amplified treatment modes empower users to target specific skin concerns with preferred serum capsules, including blemishes, under-eye treatments, and lip plumping.
● Access to complimentary real-time consultations with licensed Droplette estheticians, facilitating personalized recommendations and regimens.

Complementing these enhancements, the new Droplette is attractively priced at USD$199, reflecting a 33% reduction achieved through efficient design, with the aim of making the transformative technology accessible to a broader spectrum of consumers.

Madhavi Gavini, CEO and Co-founder of Droplette remarked, “Through continuous research, rigorous testing, and invaluable customer input, we have crafted an upgraded Droplette device poised to resonate with a diverse community of beauty enthusiasts. The integrated connectivity of this device leads to evident and enduring outcomes. By reducing the price point, we extend the opportunity to a wider audience keen on investing in their skin.”

The hardware enhancements are harmonized with an enriched mobile experience. The Droplette app, formerly centred on device control functionalities, has evolved into an interactive hub. Users can seamlessly connect with licensed estheticians for personalized guidance, curate their skincare routines, and track their progress over time.

“Droplette 2 epitomizes sophistication and intelligence. Users can now craft even more nuanced and tailored treatment strategies in accordance with their unique skin objectives. Our customers gain access to an all-encompassing interconnected encounter, fostering profound skin improvement from within,” emphasized Rathi Srinivas, CTO and Co-founder.

The new Droplette device is exclusively available at USD $199 through, while the app is accessible on both Apple and Android platforms.