UR-120 Space Black: A Cosmic Fusion of Innovation and Elegance

URWERK proudly introduces the UR-120 Space Black, an innovative and captivating timepiece that blends advanced technology, celestial inspiration, and a touch of science fiction, mesmerizing watch enthusiasts across the galaxies.

Martin Frei, the creative mind behind the UR-120 Space Black, emphasizes the power of black in design. Not only does the use of black exude elegance, but it also transforms our perception of the watch, subtly distorting our judgment of its size and intensifying its contours to create a truly mesmerizing effect.

The ergonomic brilliance of the UR-120 is evident in its harmonious combination of form and function, with dimensions of 44mm length, 47mm width, and 15.8mm thickness. The upper part of the case boasts a smooth and screwless design, giving the UR-120 a flawless silhouette.

Timekeeping is a work of art in the UR-120, featuring a new revolving satellite complication: analogue minutes and an unprecedented split-open digital hour satellite mounted on planetary gears. This unique hour satellite takes the form of a V-shaped open hand, gracefully rotating on its axis, smoothly revealing its secrets.

The heart of the UR-120 beats with the calibre UR-20.01, harnessing the energy of the stars within its intricate mechanism. The central carousel carries the satellites, each bearing the hour markers on all four sides.

As the satellite moves along the minute track, it reaches the left part of the case, setting off a series of movements. The satellite splits open, revealing two rectangular studs that form the Vulcan salute shape, and they spin on their axis to display the new hour unit.

The URWERK UR-120 Space Black retails for SGD 173,000 with GST.