Advancing Water Heaters with Ariston’s new Water Heater line up

Ariston has introduced several new ranges of water heaters with advanced features for the Singaporean market. Their Wi-Fi electric storage water heaters come with voice control functions and integration with smart home platforms, while their AURES electric instant water heaters are slimmer, sleeker, and come equipped with Constant Temperature (CT) technology, earth-leakage circuit breakers, and safety check features.

Now Comes with Voice Control, Pairable with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Launching a complete range of WIFI electric storage water heaters, Ariston is the first and only brand to do so. The new range integrates with popular smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to conveniently manage their smart water heater through voice commands. With the ability to turn on/off the water heater, adjust the water temperature, and receive information about the current temperature, users can enjoy greater control and ease of use.

Ariston’s SL2 20/30 LUX-D WI-FI and ANDRIS2 TOP 30 WI-FI models are equipped with a patented full-titanium heating element that comes with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, these models feature energy-saving smart ECO EVO functions and AG+ technology, which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria for improved hygiene.

Slimmer and Sleeker Electric Instant Water Heaters Customised to Fit Singaporean Homes

Ariston has also introduced a new range of electric instant water heaters, designed to fit perfectly into Singaporean homes in both looks and size. The upgraded Ariston AURES range integrates cutting-edge features for the ideal bathing experience, including the Constant Temperature (CT) technology, which measures the temperature and flow of the inlet water, adjusts the heating power, and maintains a constant hot water temperature.

The AURES range is also equipped with an Earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) safety mechanism and a Safety Check feature for the proactive scanning of components. The AURES TOP offers users the opportunity to memorize up to 3 preferred temperatures. The newly launched AURES Premium+ model features a silent pump and rain shower for a powerful yet quiet shower experience.

Ariston’s continuous commitment to innovate for their customers

For over 25 years, Ariston has been committed to developing products that stand the test of time. They were the first electric water heater manufacturer to use titanium against water corrosion, and this commitment to quality is reflected in their products.

Ariston NET is a smart app that allows users to manage their thermal comfort solutions with ease and efficiency. With Ariston NET, users can enjoy up to 25% energy savings, making their homes more sustainable and comfortable. The app also features voice control capabilities and is designed for ease of use, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Ariston NET provides prompt assistance to identify and fix technical problems. Users can easily access error codes and descriptions, as well as details of the nearest service centre for technical assistance.

The WI-FI range is available now at all authorised dealers from $399. ANDRIS LUX WI-FI 15/30 will be available in Singapore from June 2023.

Also, the Ariston AURES range will be available at all authorized dealers from May 2023 and will retail from $139.