LG Commits to ESG Vision with Innovative Releases

The global release of LG Electronics (LG) LG ThinQTM UP upgradeable household appliances, which include refrigerators, washers, dryers, oven ranges, and dishwashers, has been announced. LG’s appliances allow consumers to take advantage of new features and capabilities without having to make any further expenditures since they can adapt to the particular requirements and evolving lifestyles of each client. LG ThinQ UP, which was introduced in South Korea in January 2022, will be made available outside of South Korea starting in March 2023 in the United States, with availability in more significant markets to follow.

Built on the customer-focused idea of “Evolving with You,” LG ThinQ UP appliances may add new capabilities over the course of their lifespan, giving consumers greater value over time. Based on the use trends and suggestions of owners of ThinQ UP appliances, LG will continually create simple-to-install software upgrades and hardware add-ons, giving specialized options and new conveniences.

Laundry Saver Mode, one of the unique features that will be available for download in 2023, may be used with dryer models that support ThinQ UP. Laundry Saver is really helpful for situations when you can’t immediately unload the dryer since it keeps the drum turning after the cycle is ended (and until the dryer door is opened) to help avoid wrinkles and smells. Improved Nighttime Brightness Control for refrigerators with ThinQ UP is another feature available, which makes the interior lighting of the fridges softer at night so that users are not “blinded” when they open the door. Every new piece of firmware is optional and is readily downloadable from the LG ThinQ app.

LG’s Promise for the Future and Innovations for the Planet and People

This aligns with LG’s continued commitment to its ESG vision. Every element of the Better Life for All commitment is divided into three distinct areas called For the Planet, For People, and for Our Commitment. During CES 2023, LG showcased products aligned with these 3 distinctive sections.

The zone’s For the Planet part highlights LG’s numerous environmental initiatives, such as the creation of Sustainable Cycles. Every stage of the product lifecycle emphasizes “green” factors, including the post-use collection, disposal, and repurposing of e-waste. Visitors at For the Planet may discover how components for new LG goods are made using materials recovered from discarded e-waste at the company’s Chilseo Recycling Center (CRC). The company’s energy-efficient plant, the LG Smart Park in Changwon, South Korea, and a novel Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam recycling technology that LG created to make product packaging more environmentally friendly are both highlighted in For the Planet.

For People, the second part of the display highlights LG’s efforts and successes in product and service accessibility. The inclusion of accessibility features, such as speech recognition, voice instruction, and motion-detecting sensors, in a variety of LG devices is one of them. Another one is the creation of product manuals that incorporate voice and sign language guidance. Visitors to For People will also get the chance to learn more about the accessibility features offered by LG TVs, such as audio-to-text subtitles and an easily movable and resizeable sign language panel.

The third and last element of the Better Life for All zone, Our Commitment, demonstrates LG’s commitment to securing a sustainable future, which serves as the main objective of the company’s Better Life Plan 2030. By 2030, from the base year of 2020, LG hopes to have reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from product manufacture by 50% (relative to 2017 levels) and GHG emissions from the consumption of seven core goods by 20% per unit sold. A voice instruction manual and a sign language video manual will be available for every LG device by 2030, according to the company’s plans, which also include offering accessibility features for all of its product lines by 2025.