Living in the Moment With My Casio Edifice ECB-20

Hi guys! As Valentine’s day was not too long ago, I would love to share with you what I received. I was excited when I got the latest Casio Edifice ECB-20 as I heard it is a purpose-built timepiece for motorsports. Since young, I have been fantasising about fast cars and supercars. I love the intensity and thrill of F1 races especially.

After trying the Casio Edifice out for about a week, I would love to share with you why I like it, and how it became an indispensable companion in my day-to-day life.

Firstly, let’s talk about its aesthetics. Energetic and bold, the ECB-20 has orange, blue, and other accent colours on its inset dial. The four screws on the bezel give a bold and mechanical look. This high-performance watch integrates motorsport sensibility with smart design and practicality, and it is also helpful for travel and other business activities. Though Singapore’s highways have a lower speed limit compared to other countries, cruising down the highway still gives me a sense of exhilaration.

Singapore does not offer any racing tracks, so the best place to have that thrill, adrenaline and speed would be go-karting. I went down to the Karting Arena at Bukit Timah, my go-to place for go-karting. They have one of the fastest karts in Singapore, and provide electric karts that accelerate faster than the conventional gas-fuelled ones, adding to the thrill. I actually prefer karting at night as the wind just seems so much more cooling and I feel like I’m going faster.

With my driver’s license, I was able to register for the fastest karts available, and I was able to use my watch to track my lap timings down to the millisecond. This is perfect with the Edifice as it is a purpose-built timepiece used to measure race times. This means that its stopwatch is very accurate, where it is able to measure up to 1/1000 second (for the first 60 minutes). Unfortunately due to strict safety guidelines I did not get to take more photos on the tracks. Once the borders open after the pandemic, I cannot wait to go overseas to race even faster karts!

What impressed me the most was its Bluetooth connectivity for me to connect it with my smartphone and keep track records. I am able to link up the watch to the phone application that I downloaded called ‘Edifice Connected’.

In addition, the Schedule Timer on the application displays the start and end times of my scheduled activity on the watch LCD. The watch also provides sound notifications at the start and end of an activity (the notifications are short and relatively soft which i really appreciate, preventing me from disrupting others). With a connection with a smartphone via Bluetooth, the notifications are automatically adjusted with any schedule change made on the calendar app. This proved very useful in alerting me of my new meetings even when I am not on my phone.

It is also very useful in my daily life as a student. In school, I usually leave my phone in my bag and do my work on my laptop for less distractions and increased productivity. This means that I don’t check my phone often. The schedule timer pairs my watch with my Google Calendar as I am using an Android phone. Personally as someone that loves to plan my day out, this watch is so important to me in my daily life as it keeps me in check and keeps me productive.

The alarm is also a neat function as it integrates something that I use everyday, my smartphone, with my watch. Setting up an alarm on the ‘EDIFICE Connected’ application is also much faster and more convenient than what i used to do manually on my digital watch previously. It is fuss-free, with just a touch of a few buttons, my alarm is set! I can even set up to five alarms.

Overall, the Casio Edifice is fast but smart, advanced but purposeful. It is dynamic and aesthetic, and very elaborate. I appreciate that it recognises the value of speed and time and it really taught me to live more in the moment. This Casio Edifice ECB-20D-1A with a silver and orange accent, and a stainless strap retails at S$209. It is available at any of Casio’s 10 stores in Singapore.