Emmanuel Esposito and The Hour Glass Present The Elemental Project

Handcrafted in Italy, Emmanuel Esposito’s creations are widely regarded by enthusiasts and collectors of fine knives as highly collectible items. The exceptional care and finesse in craftsmanship manifest in the immaculate details in the decoration and finishing. A unique patented folding mechanism ensures the blade run with maximum precision and smoothness, that can be locked in open or closed positions.

Premium quality mother-of-pearl was the perfect choice for the inlays, which highlights the bold design of this new model and adds a classic touch to a very modern aesthetic. Only upon completion and an initial viewing can one fully discover the emotion that a new art knife piece will evoke.

The blade locks in both the open and closed positions, and the rotation of the blade runs on an axial ceramic ball bearing, which ensures maximum precision and smoothness of the mechanism.

When the blade is closed and locked, simply applying a gentle pressure on both sides of the C-Lock disengages an internal spring pin which releases the blade from the handle so it can be manually opened.

The same pressure applied to the C-Lock when the blade is in the open position will release the mechanism and allow the knife to be closed. The engaging click indicates that the Elemental’s sharp edge is secure inside the handle.

One of the original features of Emmanuel’s work is a distinctive version of the mosaic inlay. Using hundreds of tiny pieces of mother-of-pearl, Emmanuel hand-sorts and arranges each piece according to how it reflects the light. The result is a chromatic inlay that oscillates between light and dark with movement.

The Elemental 01 knife for The Hour Glass features very complex black lip pearl mosaic inlays with the alternating light technique, which Emmanuel developed with the goal of adding a three-dimensional illusion to an incredibly smooth surface.

The Elemental 02 knife for The Hour Glass houses 24k gold Mokume-gane inlays. This material is made with very ancient Japanese technique, wherein three different patina shades of copper join with the warm color of the gold. The encasing of the inlays consists of a titanium liner and black G10 which adds a highlighting visual dark outline.

The Elemental 03 knife for The Hour Glass displays intricate panels of vintage black Bakelite and black lip pearl. Emmanuel had sorted over a hundred tiny pieces of pearl, aligning each to the same light direction. These pieces were then placed alternately with the Bakelite to create shimmering inlays.

The Elemental Project is available exclusively from The Hour Glass. Each Elemental knife is presented in a custom display box made of solid wood. The exterior of the box is coated with more than 30 layers of lacquer to ensure the perfect finish. The inside of the box is custom-designed and fitted with the finest materials, allowing the knife to be displayed in its open state, and protects the knife when the box is closed.

This exclusive edition is marked by the presence of the logos of both Emmanuel Esposito and The Hour Glass inside the presentation box. The logos, crafted from the same stainless steel, have matching inlays with the Elemental knife.