PRISM+ Refreshes TV Offerings with Google TV and Launches First 4K QLED TV

Google TV will take the place of PRISM+’s 4K Android TV Series. The brand will debut QLED display technology in the all-new PRISM+ Q-Series Ultra, which also includes a bevvy of additional features like HDR10+ and Filmmaker Mode, as the refresh’s standout product. The Q55 Ultra, Q65 Ultra, and Q75 Ultra are the three models that will make up the Q-Series Ultra QLED.

The PRISM+ Q-Series Ultra promises increased colour vibrancy and brightness by harnessing the power of quantum dots, tiny molecules that boost light and colour. New features include Filmmaker Mode, which maintains visual quality as it would be played in a movie theatre, HDR10+, which adjusts colour and brightness levels frame-by-frame to produce stunning contrast and colour saturation, and Improved Remote Control, which is an upgrade to its design and will feature a sleek ergonomic design with programmable hotkey buttons.

Along with adding more than 700,000 movies and TV episodes to popular streaming services, the new interface will provide customers greater control over their experience by enhancing content discovery, parental control, app access, and connecting to their network of smart home devices.

Keeping in line with the brand’s vision to make premium technologies accessible to the masses, the Q-Series Ultra’s launch pricing will be more than 60 per cent less than QLEDs from traditional brands in the same class of TVs. The line-up will be launched at prices starting from $949 (usual price $999) for the PRISM+ Q55 Ultra, $1,149 (usual price $1,199) for the Q65 Ultra, and $1,499 (usual price $1,449) for the Q75 Ultra. All models of the various line-ups will be available for purchase on the PRISM+ online store, physical retail stores and all authorised online retailers from 11 November 2022, except for the Q43-QE which will be available for pre-order.