Revolutionising Recovery with FlexBeam

Recharge Health launched the world’s first targeted red light therapy device – FlexBeam locally to speed up relief, repair, and recovery for the body. Meant to deliver repair within 10 minutes, FlexBeam uses red light to increase blood flow, and oxygenation to targeted areas to stimulate faster cell regeneration. 

Though nay-sayers might say it’s a gimmick, the effects of red light therapy have been well researched and documented in thousands of peer-reviewed studies ever since its discovery by Nobel-Prize winner, Niels Finsen, in 1903. Some notable usage includes NASA astronauts for faster healing and Olympians for improved performance. Now, recharge health takes the stage by enabling the public to utilise such technology for themselves in a portable and affordable manner.

Meant to be used pre and post-workout, FlexBeam is applicable for both prevention and recovery and has been noted to relieve pain from strained muscles. With its portable design, users can easily plug it into recharge and wear it anytime for its benefits. To go into specificity, FlexBeam relieves affected areas by increasing circulation, and oxygen and releases endorphins and nitric acid. For repair, it triggers the mitochondria to regenerate cells in a fast and effective way. Lastly, it recovers energy by boosting ATP production and cellular charge.  

To take charge of your repair and recovery, FlexBeam is readily available for $879 at