The Canon EOS RP Brings Out Clarissa’s Best Photography Skills

As a photography amateur, I have much interest in photography. Unfortunately, we all know that passion does not necessarily translate to skills. I am excited to use the Canon EOS RP mirrorless digital camera to put my skills to the test, as I heard that it is aimed at entry-level users. Hopefully, I do myself some justice!

The EOS RP is Canon’s lightest full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. What I appreciate most is that there is not much of a learning curve using the EOS RP. Canon has implemented a full-touch interface, where the image on the viewfinder is bright and vibrant. There was no issue viewing the pictures even under direct sunlight.

I usually take landscape and close-up shots. The EOS RP takes the existing Dual Pixel AF system we saw on the EOS 6D Mark II and combines it with an updated Digic 8 processor. Its Dual Pixel auto-focus system is generally fast and accurate. It also produces videos at 4K resolution, and the quality is mind-blowing.

I really love how the photos turned out – the colours are bright, vibrant and sharp. With the background blur, the subject of the photo is brought out more vividly. It also has the most accurate auto-focus I’ve seen Canon cameras. New users can easily navigate through the functions with Feature Assistant, while the Creative Assist provides customisable shooting presets and in-camera edit.

Weight-wise, the camera and lens are not too heavy, and it was convenient for me to carry it around. It is more compact when compared to the other EOS cameras that I have used before!

Transferring the photos from the EOS RP to my phone was seamless and instant. Using the “Canon Camera Connect” application on my phone, the photos can be transferred via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with the EOS RP Camera. At a price point lower than its contemporaries, I would say it is worth it. However, we must note that there aren’t many RP lenses out yet, and the ones that are out actually cost more than the EOS RP itself!

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