Superior Mobile Gaming Sound with SteelSeries’s TUSQ Headset

As a fan of mobile gaming, when I was told that I had the opportunity to try out the latest SteelSeries TUSQ gaming headset, my eyes lit up. I have been on the lookout for a premium quality gaming headset that wouldn’t break my bank. I also did an unboxing video below!

The TUSQ gaming earbuds are designed with clear audio, upgraded mic quality, and a comfortable adjustable design to bring the all perks of a gaming headset to mobile earphones. They come with dynamic composite sound drivers that provide superior gaming audio. The build quality of the TUSQ headset was great. I felt that the cable was just long enough for me. The cable was also reasonably thick and does not feel flimsy.

Its dual microphone includes a detachable boom microphone plus a convenient built-in mic. I tested the detachable mic quality with my friends on discord and the sound quality was clear, with minimal background noise. The detachable mic is also flexible and lightweight. I would definitely recommend using the detachable mic instead of just using the built-in mic. The built-in mic produced a lot more echo and background noise.

The gaming headset truly feels ergonomic. To further suit my ears, the headset also comes with 3 sizes of best-in-class silicone ear tips. After wearing them for hours, I did not feel any discomfort as it is lightweight. The around-the-ear suspension also made long hours of wearing so comfortable.

The TUSQ gaming headset is also very functional, it allows seamless compatibility with PCs, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, or Switch, via 3.5mm jack. I was also impressed with the soft fabric carrying case that came with the box.

Overall, I felt that these earbuds provide superior sound, even for mobile gaming. I especially loved the function of the detachable boom mic, hence while I am not gaming, I can still use the headset as my to-go companion for music!

The SteelSeries TUSQ gaming headset currently retails at S$69. More details can be found here.