LG ThinQ with Amazon Dash Replenishment Takes Home Convenience to the Next Level at IFA 2019

LG Electronics will introduce its ThinQ with Amazon Dash Replenishment for the European market at IFA 2019, bringing the benefits of a fully automated smart home powered by LG’s AI platform augmented by Amazon’s smart supply-reordering and delivery system.

Automatically Restock Essential Supplies

LG ThinQ appliances with Dash Replenishment save users the chore of repeatedly reordering essential supplies, allowing them to set up smart reordering of detergent and laundry supplies from Amazon when supplies run low so they never run out of essentials. The convenient service will initially be available on LG ThinQ washing machines and dishwashers in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom starting this fall.

LG will introduce its ThinQ with Amazon Dash Replenishment

Users can enable Dash Replenishment on LG smart laundry and dishwasher appliances via the LG ThinQ mobile app, which links to customers’ Amazon accounts. Once enabled, LG smart appliances and Dash Replenishment work together to automatically reorder and deliver pre-selected supplies such as dishwasher soap, laundry detergent or fabric softener right to the door when more are needed, based on how much supply is used. Amazon Dash Replenishment service for LG ThinQ refrigerators and air purifiers will be added in the near future.

The European region follows the successful rollout of Amazon Dash Replenishment on LG appliances earlier this year in the United States. Beyond Amazon, LG is teaming up with other AI-service providers such as Google and Yandex to expand the capabilities and convenience of its smart products in Europe, Asia and North America. 

Attendees of IFA 2019 from September 6-11 are encouraged to visit LG’s booth in Hall 18 of Messe Berlin to see LG ThinQ products with integrated Amazon Dash Replenishment for themselves. All of LG’s IFA activities will be shared on social media under #LGIFA2019.