Hublot Celebrates Chinese Tradition with the Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon

In a splendid showcase of art meeting innovation, Hublot has introduced the Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon, a limited edition timepiece that marries the ancient Chinese art forms of paper cutting and marquetry with modern horological craftsmanship. This extraordinary collaboration with Chinese artist Chen Fenwan brings forth a watch that is not just a timekeeper but a piece of wearable art, encapsulating the spirit of the eastern dragon, or ‘loong’, a symbol of prosperity, strength, and wisdom in Chinese culture.

The year 2024, or the year 4722 according to the Chinese calendar, marks the year of the Wood Dragon, an event that occurs every 12 years and is associated with luck and immortality. Hublot, in collaboration with artist Chen Fenwan, has meticulously crafted this watch to pay homage to this celestial creature and the traditional Chinese art form of paper cutting, a craft that has been recognized as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2009.

The Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon features a 3D silhouette of the eastern dragon on its dial, achieved through the intricate layering of the watch’s hands, wheels, and H-shaped screws. This design technique not only highlights the dragon’s majestic form but also embodies Hublot’s ‘Art of Fusion’ philosophy, blending different materials and art forms to create something truly unique.

For the first time, Hublot presents a rubber strap with a marquetry design, integrating the dragon motif that extends from the dial across the strap. This marquetry involves a complex process where each of the dragon’s scales is coloured and nano-vulcanised, requiring about 8 hours of meticulous handiwork for each strap. The watch is housed in a 42 mm titanium case, emphasizing the lightweight and resilient characteristics of the metal, and is powered by the HUB1710 automatic movement with a 50-hour power reserve.

This limited edition of 88 pieces symbolizes the fusion of tradition and modernity, with the dragon’s design taking cues from various animals to represent the eastern dragon’s transformative power and cultural legacy. Each piece is a celebration of Chinese artistry, Hublot’s innovative spirit, and the promising year of the Dragon.

The Hublot Big Bang Titanium Dragon is retailing at SGD 43,200.00 inclusive of GST.