The Matador Ocean Pocket Blanket: The Ocean In Your Pocket, The World At Your Fingertips

Matador Ocean Pocket Blanket

A Hawaiian Getaway Anytime, Anywhere!

If you consider yourself to be a beach junkie, then Matador has got your back. While their nifty little Pocket Blankets in the original colours of red, green and black are quite well-loved, they now have a new limited edition offering which features beautiful artwork by Hawaiian artist Sarah Caudle. The new Ocean Pocket Blanket allows you to have a beach getaway anytime you like regardless of circumstances.

The Ocean Pocket Blanket has been painstakingly designed to be made of HyperLyte Nylon, which offers protection from the great outdoors as this cutting-edge material resists both water and punctures. This makes it ideal for beaches, festivals and hikes! 

It also features built-in corner stakes as well as weighted corners and sand pockets that are sure to come in handy. My favourite part of the blanket’s design would definitely have to be the easy repacking pattern – No more frustrated fumbling even on windy days! Folding the blanket back into its integrated pouch has never been less of a hassle.

Own The Ocean, Save The Earth

Matador Ocean Pocket Blanket

By showing the Ocean Pocket Blanket some love, you’ll be delighted to know that you’re also doing the Earth a favour: For every blanket sold on their site, Matador is committed to removing 1 pound of trash from waterways in Colorado and Hawaii. Matador will also be working with Surfrider Foundation Oahu, which works towards creating Zero Waste with eateries in order to reduce plastic in the ocean. 

Natasha Lau with the Matador Ocean Pocket Blanket

As a student, juggling an internship, research project and planning for an exchange programme may prove to be difficult, but I still found the opportunity for a quick getaway right at the poolside of my very own house! With a few yummy tidbits, good company and the Ocean Pocket Blanket, I’ve found that it really is possible to get in the vacation mood even in your own backyard. Make sure to bring your friends along too – it’s wide enough to fit 2-4 adults for a rolling good time!