How the Theragun liv Made Me a Happier and More Filial Daughter

With more F45 and spin classes coming up, fitness has become an important part of our lives. Everyone is always going on about getting into shape. That being said, injuries and muscle aches are becoming a daily occurrence. 

Zhimin using the Theragun liv

Relief for Athletes

As a student athlete, it is not uncommon that I go about every day with muscle aches plaguing my whole body. I am involved in competitive netball and even through summer I am involved in a league playing for my netball club, the Stingray Sneakers. With the weekly games and Friday night trainings, you’d catch me lying in bed on the weekends, refusing to move half the time because it’s just too much effort. Muscle aches are truly the bane of every athlete’s existence.

Zhimin using the Theragun liv

If you ever wished that muscle aches would just disappear, Theragun’s new device – the liv – would have you fighting your teammates over for it. After dragging my body back home after an intense match, coming home to this device brings a smile to my face. Its portable frame makes it easy to work with and I finally don’t need to beg my sister to give me a massage. 

The ergonomic handle on the device makes massaging myself an ease. I can reach parts of my body that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. At 40 percussions per second, the pounding impact of the liv may feel weird the first time. However, once you get used to it, it does a great job of relaxing your muscles so well that I usually fall asleep using it! In addition to relieving muscle aches, it also helps with muscle tightness and soreness. 

The Gift of Filial Piety

Aside from causing a fight between my sister and I after a long Friday night training, the liv was also popular with my mum. As age catches on with my mum, she comes home from a whole day of work yelling about backaches and soreness in her shoulders. The liv was like a God-sent gift for me to be a filial child. I used to try to get out of helping my mum with massaging her back (I’m a bad child, I know) because of how tiring it was. However, when the liv came, I enthusiastically volunteered give her a massage to prove my love. It was so effortless and for her, comfortable, that she fell asleep despite the loud sounds the device made. 

Zhimin using the Theragun liv

This device is truly suited for all ages, be it a young blooded student or a worker who has been through the trials of time. Be gone muscle aches and sore necks!

This portable percussive therapy device is available now at Analogue+, ArmourUp Asia, Challenger,, Gadget Plus, Red Dot Running, SixFive, Sprint-Cass, and other sports and consumer electronics stores. It is retailing at $499.