Percussion Therapy Anywhere with the Theragun Mini

Remember the Theragun liv that I reviewed last year? Well, Theragun recently sent me their latest model – the Theragun Mini – to review. Since the trend of spin classes have yet to die down, muscle aches are definitely something many people face. However, massages are no longer a luxury that we can enjoy now, due to the pandemic. Let’s explore how the Theragun Mini can substitute a traditional massage.

Zhimin with the Theragun Mini

Back when I was younger, I trained a lot more intensively for Netball. We would start our warm up with a 3.2km run and continued with another 4 hours of training, three times a week. There were some days I couldn’t wait to reach home to sit in the massage chair (at that time, Theragun wasn’t a thing yet). The ride home was always long and dreadful, having to carry a bag full of books and training gear. How I wished I had the Theragun Mini then.

Mini Life Saver

The Theragun Mini is shockingly compact – I can hold it within my palm! Unlike the Theragun liv, which I enjoyed at home most of the time, I could easily bring the Mini out to my training grounds and gyms, where I could use it immediately before and after my workouts. 

Zhimin with the Theragun Mini

Working with the three speed options provided, the Mini’s impressive performance is anything but a watered-down version of its predecessors. It even offers a similar amount of percussions per minute as Theragun’s higher end models. While it does not have the same triangle grip that most Theragun massage devices own, it still has an ergonomic grip that’s nice to use. However, this means that you might need some help with those hard-to-reach places like your upper back. This makes for a great bonding experience with your teammates, helping each other with post-training muscle therapy. 

One of the perks of having the Mini is that you would not have to deal with the noise that many massage guns produce. Theragun debuted the QuietForce Technology to remedy this problem. When I switched on the Theragun Mini for the first time, I was shocked at how quiet this was compared to many other massaging devices. I secretly cried for joy because this meant that I could finally listen to calming music during my therapy. 

Zhimin with the Theragun Mini

My experience with the Mini has been pretty pleasant. Ever since Theragun sent the Mini to me a week ago, I have brought it everywhere with me – To the gym, netball training, pool, and even the basketball courts. No matter how stiff my muscles may become from intensive training, the Mini has managed to make me feel better. All ready for another set! 

Thank you Theragun for blessing me with such a thoughtful massage gun, I’m sure many of you would appreciate it as much as me.