The OPPO R17 Looks Gorgeous – No Need for Fancy Phone Cases!

Beyond the advanced technology included in the package and its impressive specifications, the Oppo R17’s two-tone design is ridiculously gorgeous.

Beautiful Iridescent Design

Call me basic, but I care a lot about aesthetics when it comes to the things I buy, and the Oppo R17 has already won my heart in that respect. Let’s just marvel at how stunning the iridescent glass back with two-tone effect is. The Oppo R17 comes in both streaming blue and neon purple, and the colour changes based on how light lands on it and what angle you hold it. I would highly recommend you to forget getting a phone cover to cover up this beauty.

OPPO R17 designs from the back view

Crystal Clear Pictures in Night Mode

I took the Oppo R17 along to Lavo at Marina Bay Sands to take some night shots. When you switch the camera to night mode, you have to keep the phone really still for around three seconds. That’s when the primary camera, with a 16MP/F1.7 module and a secondary 5MP sensor (F2.4 lens) kicks in to snap a perfectly lit picture.

These pictures, taken of my best friend and me, are unedited:

Unedited photo taken with the OPPO R17 Unedited photo taken with the OPPO R17

But even if you have shaky hands like me and take a picture in light mode, you end up with something decent like this:

Night mode photo with the OPPO R17

Here are some beautiful night shots that fellow NXT writer Chester took when he was reviewing the phone:

Indoor night photo taken by Chester with the OPPO R17 Night photo taken by Chester with the OPPO R17

Hola to all the beauty lovers like me! You can take the clearest Instastories on good hair and makeup days, showing off every inch of your perfectly buffed foundation and bronzer. Trust me, the 25MP selfie camera with F2.0 lens is sharper than the wing tip of your eyeliner.

No Visible Fingerprint Sensor (But It’s There!)

OPPO R17's fingerprint sensor

A fingerprint sensor is nothing new, but most phones include a physical button with the sensor or place the sensor under the back camera. Oppo takes it up a notch with an in-display fingerprint sensor that’s extremely responsive. When I was using it, there was no buffering time. This is made possible with the 3P Micro Lens technology and a 2mm x 2mm sensor to ensure fast and accurate fingerprint detection. Using a thick screen protector might hinder the sensor’s performance though, but rest assured that the Gorilla Glass 6 ensures that your screen stays in one piece even after multiple drops. In fact, Corning claims the Gorilla Glass 6 survived 15 drops from one meter onto rough surfaces on average during the lab tests. Thankfully, Corning got the careless bunch of us covered.