Exploring the Heart of Singapore and Malaysia with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro

In an era where smartphones strive to push the boundaries of technology and design, the HONOR Magic 6 Pro emerges top. Garnering attention with its five DXOMARK 2024 Gold Labels, this device not only promises but delivers unparalleled performance.

My experience with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro through the vibrant cities of the neighbouring countries was an exploration of its capabilities, focusing on its camera and phone features.

Capturing Moments, Embracing Horizons

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Landscape Mode)
Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Landscape Mode)

Taking scenic landscape photos in the Fullerton Bay area was exciting. Amid the vibrant chaos of tourists, the camera served as a window to unseen worlds. The HONOR Tele-falcon Camera System, equipped with a 180MP Periscope Telephoto lens, not only brought distant urban scenes into astonishing clarity but also transformed the way landscapes were captured.

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Panorama Mode)

The panorama mode offered a new perspective, capturing the breadth and depth of the area in a single, wide sweep. This feature was particularly transformative for landscape photography, allowing the vastness of nature’s beauty to be fully embraced.

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Silky Water Mode)
Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Auto Mode)

With many more photography modes such as ‘Light Graffiti’, ‘Silky Water’ and ‘Star Trails’, the phone greatly enhances my photos. Check out the difference in the mood of the picture when I use the Auto mode compared to the ‘SIlky Water Mode’.

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (2.5x Zoom)

After exploring the dynamic landscapes, the journey led to the iconic Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, to marvel at its grand interior. This historic building, originally completed in 1928, served as a pivotal piece of Singapore’s heritage, having been transformed from a post office to one of the city’s most luxurious hotels.

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Auto Mode)
Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Auto Mode)

The Fullerton Hotel stands as a majestic witness to Singapore’s evolution, its elegant facade and beautiful interiors blending colonial charm with modern luxury, making it a focal point for both history enthusiasts and those appreciating architectural beauty.

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Night Mode)

Leaving the hotel in the evening, night photography and portrait modes were elevated, ensuring that my pictures were still bright and vivid.

The next afternoon, I went to our neighbouring country, JB, to visit a few of my friends. At their high-rise apartment in Danga Bay, I was awed by the beautiful waters. I couldn’t help but put the zoom feature of the camera to the test, all the way from the 35th storey.

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Auto)
Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (2.5x Zoom)
Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (5x Zoom)

The ultra-wide-angle camera painted pictures with a broad perspective, encapsulating the sea’s sprawling beauty without losing sharpness or quality. I am impressed with the 5x zoom feature, as I could still notice the sharp and clear details of the fishing farms in Singapore’s waters

Heading to a nearby cafe, I even tried my hand at super macro photography! With the phone’s amazing capabilities, all it took was for me to find the best angle for this photo and the phone did the rest.

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Super Macro Mode)
Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Auto)

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (Auto)

HONOR Magic 6 Pro’s AI Capabilities

Taken with the HONOR Magic 6 Pro (AI Sensing Action Mode)

The camera’s AI-sensing action mode proved to be a game-changer during a visit to the bay, capturing the dynamism of fast sailing boats with precision and ease. This mode, tailored for high-speed photography, allowed for the freezing of time, encapsulating the swift motion of boats cutting through the water with impeccable clarity. Action shots, often blurred or missed by lesser cameras, were rendered with stunning sharpness.

With AI capabilities such as AI Noise Cancelling when I am doing my meetings, or AI Suggestions for my apps on my homepage, the phone has made my life easier. Additionally, new AI features such as “Magic Portal”.

The brand new Magic Portal revolutionises Intent-Based User Interfaces. Users will experience instant service delivery at the touch of a button or a simple drag. The phone can accurately anticipate your interaction requirements in advance, overcoming the limitations of disconnected apps for a seamless and efficient flow of information.

I could even use the ‘AI Instant Movie Mode’ to instantly make a vlog on the phone! It has customisable templates and music to choose from, to suit the various vibes of the videos. I wanted mine to have more of a travel aesthetic.

Performance: Power and Elegance

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, the HONOR Magic6 Pro handled every task with ease, such as multitasking between apps. The seamless experience was further enhanced by the HONOR C1+ chip, ensuring robust connectivity throughout our journey across cities.

The display deserves a special mention. The 6.80-inch LTPO display, boasting a 120Hz adaptive dynamic refresh rate and peak HDR brightness of 5000 nits, made every visual stunningly vivid and smooth.

Coupled with the TÜV Rheinland certifications for eye comfort, the phone was a pleasure to use, day or night. Encased in the HONOR NanoCrystal Shield, the phone withstands drops and shocks like no other, offering peace of mind during my travels. Its cosmic dome-shaped lens and the enchanting star wheel design are not just visually striking but also add a magical touch to the device’s overall aesthetic.

Battery life was never a concern, thanks to the Silicon-carbon Battery 2.0. The 5600mAh battery, combined with 80W HONOR Wired SuperCharge, meant that the phone was always ready to go, capturing every moment without pause.

The HONOR Magic 6 Pro’s unparalleled camera system and performance allow me to discover beauty in the mundane. Its robust design and performance promise reliability and its thoughtful features ensure a user experience that is both immersive and comfortable.

The phone retails at $1,399.00 (12GB+512GB). Find out more here.