Lime Set to Empower Singaporeans with Sustainable Urban Mobility Options

Lime is launching their pilot fleet of e-scooters in partnership with Ascendas-Singbridge Group, a leading provider of sustainable urban development and business space solutions. The e-scooters will be deployed at Ascendas-Singbridge Group’s properties firstly at Singapore Science Park 1 and 2, and later at Changi Business Park and International Business Park.

Encouraging the World to Go Green

Lime is currently in over 125 markets, and this collaboration marks Lime’s first foray into Southeast Asia. Lime’s leading dock-free e-scooter sharing network imposes zero cost on cities, alleviating any burden placed on tax-payers. Station-less networks can also reallocate the capital invested in stations and apply it to increasing PMD supply.

Lime Scooters

Lime also has a dedicated local operations team that undertakes the regular retrieval of the vehicles for charging and redeployment to high-use locations. In addition, Lime advises riders to park within clearly demarcated, dedicated parking areas (also known as “geofences”) through in-app GPS maps. These features help to alleviate issues such as the scattered abandonment of shared PMDs after use. These advantages enable a high availability of units, allowing cities to cross a tipping point of adoption where more residents will embrace ecological urban commuting given the availability and affordability.

At 20 million rides and counting, Lime’s scooters are quickly becoming a popular method of transportation for urban residents and workers across the world; 39% of riders in Lime’s major urban markets have reported using the service to travel to or from work, school or appointments during their most recent trip. As a result of its use, Lime has reduced 7,000 tons of CO2 emissions and has saved 1.8 million litres of fuel.

Local Flavored Lime

The Lime e-scooters being introduced to Singapore is the Lime-SJ 2.5 model which has been developed in-house, built on the success of previous models with a focus on safety, durability and user experience. Current pricing for the scooter rental starts at $1 to unlock, followed by $0.20 every minute thereafter.

Model on a Lime scooter

As part of its commitment to safety, Lime will also be rolling out a rider safety education program in Singapore, as part of its US$3 million (SGD$4.12 million) Respect the Ride campaign, with more details to be shared at its upcoming official launch.