Prepare for Takeoff! With the SEVENFRIDAY M3/01 Spaceship Edition

Prepare to takeoff and enter a new dimension with the SEVENFRIDAY M3/01 Spaceship Edition. The latest entry to the legendary M-series pays homage to science fiction novels and movies. The M3/01 Spaceship Edition reimagines heroic and defining moments such as the Millennium Falcon clearing the way for Luke Skywalker to take down the Death Star with its three-dimensional interface.

Sevenfriday M3/01 Space Edition

An Intergalactic Masterpiece

The M3/01 zooms light years ahead with its stylish black and red elements that exude pure speed. Seven layers and 11 applied parts form a multilevel interface that creates a fascinating three-dimensional effect. Above this are sandblasted and polished black and gun metal discs that form an aerodynamic Y-wing emblazoned with the SEVENFRIDAY logo.

The Y-wing is shaped elegantly to allow space to showcase three overlapping white discs indicating the hours, minutes, and seconds. Striking red highlights indicate the hour and the minute clearly.

Sevenfriday M3/01 Space Edition

Asymmetrically-placed decorative screws give the watch face an industrial finish and aesthetic. Finally, resilient and grooved silicone bands serve as bumpers on the animation ring and black calf leather straps, giving an added sense of security.

Preorder your M3/01 today at SEVENFRIDAY Space (Raffles City, #02-08B), Red Army Watches (Millenia Walk #01-78), and Krasnaya (ION Orchard, #B3-03).