10 Footballer Instagram Accounts to Follow

Here are 10 key players to watch out for in World Cup 2018, and there is no better platform than Instagram to get instant updates from the stars themselves.

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Harry Kane (@harrykane), England

Harry Kane


While England is no longer the champion in football where the team failed to move past the Group Stage in the previous World Cup, hopes are high again this year with key striker Harry Kane. He performed exceptionally well in Premier League and Champions League, with 12 goals in 23 games for England. That is quite something and should make us stop and stare. Epic football shots aside, Kane occasionally shares sweet moments with his wife and golfing on his feed as well.

Toni Kroos (@toni.kr8s), Germany

Toni Kroos

Germany, the football juggernaut that has helmed the championship in every tournament they participated in last year, is ever ready to defend their title. Toni Kroos from Real Madrid plays midfield and has the intelligence and precision to inspire his team as their new leader. What makes him even more adored is that he has his own foundation – the Toni Kroos Stiftung – that supports sick children and their families and constantly advocates for better health for children.

Fedor Smolov (@smolovfedor_10), Russia

Fedor Smolov

As the host country, Russia is unfortunately low in rankings. The rock bottom of the 32 teams in fact. Tension runs high as there were conflicts between players and their coach as well. Fedor Smolov is a winner of the Golden Boot and a key player in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, and is more consistent than Russia’s captain and goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev who erred in major matches. His boy-next-door persona and charming smile on Instagram is to swoon for.

Valon Behrami (@valonbera), Switzerland

Valon Behrami

Valon Behrami is the star player of the Swiss team having played for three straight World Cup. Besides him, the team seems to be strong and all-rounded this year with other experienced players and many from the 2009 Under-17 world champion team. His feed somewhat channels Justin Bieber with his regular OOTD posts.

Neymar (@neymarjr), Brazil

Neymar Jr

Neymar’s big move from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain was groundbreaking, and he has reached a new level of fame in football. The 25-year-old has got it going with 52 goals in 80 games and is one of the players to watch this World Cup. The hunk thrilled the ladies even more when he modelled for Replay jeans, Man About Town magazine, and the Mario Testino Towel Series.

Robert Lewandowski (@_rl9), Poland

Robert Lewandoski

World Cup 2018 will be an exciting one for the Polish team as it has been 12 years since they set foot in the World Cup stage. Eyes are on strikers Robert Lewandowski and Jakub Blaszczykowski, but Lewandowski has an edge for being Poland’s record goal scorer. Scroll a little down his Instagram feed and you’ll notice his signature poses – biting his finger or arms in an X and forming an ‘11’.

David de Gea (@d_degeaofficial), Spain

David de Gea

Sports news are revolving around the Manchester United goalkeeper as he is potentially making a switch to Real Madrid for a whopping €100 million, and demanding a list of three players they have to sign together with him. After the Champions League, he has proven that he is valuable and worth the cost to acquire. We eagerly look forward to more quick reactions from de Gea this World Cup. If you follow him, you might get a tingle of happiness and excitement every time you see his victory pose.

Lionel Messi (@leomessi), Argentina


Messi is indubitably the player that has everyone’s attention when he steps onto the field. For over a decade, he has been dominating European defences and won trophies after trophies. As one of the oldest players at 31, Russia 2018 is probably the last chance he gets to be glorious on the World Cup stage. Besides being one of the biggest football stars of all time, he also has two insanely adorable kids that we love to see on his Instagram feed.

Paul Pogba (@paulpogba), France

Paul Pogba

France took home the trophy in 2006 World Cup but has since faltered multiple times especially against powerhouses like Germany and Portugal. Paul Pogba is Manchester United’s most expensive player but he has not been in good form in recent matches. However, there is no denying that the midfielder has the skills to put on a good fight in the World Cup and show us why other clubs are willing to sign him. With his edgy buzz cut and half-orange hair, his Instagram is one to watch to see if he gets back up in the field, and which club he would go to next.

Son Heung Min (@hm_son7), South Korea

Son Heung Min

South Korea struggled to qualify and scraped through with a draw with Uzbekistan. The team is counting on their three English Premier League players: Tottenham’s Son Heung Min, Swansea’s Ki Sung Yeung and Crystal Palace’s Lee Chung Yong. Son is the one to watch as he is the highest scoring Asian player in Premier League history. With so many non-Asians footballers, it would be refreshing to see the World Cup from the perspective of an Asian like us. Let’s see how far South Korea can go.