Smartphone Brand Vivo Makes Its Debut in Singapore

Vivo V7+

The smartphone brand Vivo will finally be making its debut in Singapore with the launch of their flagship V7+ selfies shooter and the V65. Available in matte black and gold, the V7+ and Y65 will go on sale from Saturday, 20 January via mobile retail stores islandwide. Prices of the devices will be revealed on the same date.

The smartphones come equipped with at least two card slots for two SIM Cards, or one SIM Card and one microSD Card. The operating system for the V7+ and Y65 is also built with  features such as App Clone which allows you to run two accounts on applications like WhatsApp and Instagram. There is also a split-screen mode called Smart Split 3.0. If a text message comes in while you’re watching a video, you can simply click to split the screen in two. Talk about convenient!

Vivo V7+: The Ultimate Selfie ShooterWoman taking photo of a cake using the Vivo V7+

Let’s talk more about Vivo’s flagship V7+. The 24MP front-facing camera and 18:9 aspect ratio display are a godsend. The FullView display promises true-to-life colour and contrast and a clear background every time.

Equipped with a 64-bit Qualcomm octa-core CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 2 Nano SIM Card slots, and 1 microSD Card slot which supports up to 256GB, the V7+ runs buttery-smooth.

The V7+ also features Vivo’s Face Access technology, providing an easy and convenient way to unlock your phone by detecting more than 100 different facial identification points, allowing you to capture important moments anytime, anywhere.

For more information about Vivo and its products in Singapore, as well as launch activities and promotions, please visit and follow the official Vivo Singapore Facebook and Instagram accounts.