Experience Uncompromised Sound With The Latest Range Of Sony Headphones

Earlier this week, Sony announced the launch of the latest Sony headphones. These include three new sports wireless earbuds, as well as a premium headphone set. Whether you’re looking for something to pump you up while you workout, or for a premium listening experience, these headphones have you covered.

Wireless, Noise Cancelling Sports Earbuds To Wear Anytime, Anywhere

These three new Sony earbuds are designed for comfort and stability, so you can wear them for any sorts of activities. High intensity cardio? Yep. Yoga? Still good. Indoor climbing? Definitely.

Man running with WF-SP700N earbuds

The WF-SP700N earbuds combine, for the first time in the world, the two features you need most when working out. It has digital noise cancelling technology to block out the chaos around you, and a splash-proof design so you can get sweaty in peace.

The Sony noise cancelling technology lets you concentrate and get in the zone with your workout, whether it’s in a noisy gym, or outside. If you’re outside, simply turn on the Ambient Sound mode to stay aware of your surroundings! It also has Sony’s extra bass sound technology, for some deep, resonant sound. Together with the noise cancelling, the extra bass will give your music a punchier, fuller bass edge to help you focus.

WF-SP700N earbuds next to water bottle

It’s also got an IPX4 rating, which guarantees its splash-proofness. This means you can wear them in the rain, or sweat while wearing them. Well, unless you sweat an ungodly amount…

Designed with arc supporters, the WF-SP700N earbuds fit securely in your ears no matter what exercise you’re doing. They even come in four colours so you can pick them to match your favourite sportswear!

WF-SP700N in their case

The WF-SP700N earbuds come with a compact, one-touch-open charging case. They can last approximately three hours, but the case gives two additional charges, offering up to nine hours total in between charges.

You can get them in pink, yellow, black, or white.

A Band For Extra Security

Alongside the truly wireless style, Sony also has two standard wireless in-ear models, the WI-SP600N, and the WI-SP500.

Like the WF-SP700N, the WI-SP600N model comes with the same Digital Noise Cancelling and sound quality technology as the WF-SP700N. It also has the same level splash-proof rating.

Woman wearing WI-SP600N earbuds

The main differences are that the WI-SP600N lasts up to 6 hours, and are connected by a discreet band. The band sits behind your neck, and features arc supporters which are based on the ergonomics of your ear, so flexibility and a secure fit is ensured.

WI-SP500N earbuds in hand

Finally, we have the WI-SP500 earbuds, which have an open-type driver unit to recognise ambient sounds naturally. They also have an IPX4 rating, like its sibling earbuds. With these, you can train for longer, thanks to its battery that lasts approximately eight hours on one full charge. These earbuds have specially designed ergonomic and grippy earbuds with rubber dimples, so you never have to worry about them slipping out while you’re on the run.

Premium Headphones For A Premium Listening Experience

If you don’t want to compromise on sound quality, these MDR-1AM2 headphones are definitely for you.

MDR-1AM2 headphones on desk with phone

They have a wide frequency response for a full range of sound. The wide frequency range, from 3Hz to 100kHz, is designed for a broad variety of music styles. This means a larger spectrum of sound can be reproduced without hard limits or frequency roll-off, giving your music more life.

MDR-1AM2 fibonacci grill

The patterned grills on the headphones help to protect the precision headphone diaphragms. More importantly though, they let sound through without “colouring” it. The grill pattern is based on a Fibonacci sequence to ensure that no frequency is boosted or cut. The result? A smooth, refined sound right across the frequency range.

MDR-1AM2 woman wearing MDR-1AM2

These headphones are also lighter than their previous model, meaning extra comfort and wearability. Whether you’re wearing them at home or on the go, you can wear them for longer! The ear pads are made of low-resilience polyurethane foam, and covered in synthetic leather for a luxurious, comfortable experience.

MDR-1AM2 in black with pouch and accessories

The MDR-1AM2s come in two stylish colour options: black, or silver.

All these Sony headphones will be available in selected Asia Pacific countries from the second quarter of 2018.