World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Now Live!

The drums of war sound in the distance, and the time has come for the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance to make their battle preparations—the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch is now live!

In addition, starting today new players can access all World of Warcraft content up through and including the Legion expansion simply by becoming a subscriber—no need to purchase the original World of Warcraft base game. Plus, all existing World of Warcraft subscribers have automatically been upgraded to Legion at no additional cost. Learn more about this change at the World of Warcraft community blog.

Battle for Azeroth screenshot

Key Updates

The Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch includes a variety of features and system changes that lay the groundwork for the upcoming expansion, including:

Battle for Azeroth pvp update screenshot

  • New Events in Teldrassil and Lordaeron Before Launch – In the final weeks leading up to Battle for Azeroth’s August 14 launch, the conflict escalates in key Horde and Alliance territories through a series of new story quests—coming soon.
  • War Mode and PvP Updates: Players can now toggle War Mode on or off whenever they’re in Orgrimmar or Stormwind and engage in world PvP when and where they wish. We’ve also updated the PvP Talent and Honor systems. Learn more about War Mode. 
  • Communities: Players will be able to create and join cross-realm Communities, a new kind of social group that makes it easier to connect with and play alongside adventurers from your faction who share common interests. Learn more.
  • New Character Customizations: New looks for orcs and blood elves are now available in Barber Shops throughout Azeroth.
  • Class & System Updates: The class and specialization changes for Battle for Azeroth are now live, along with additional system changes.

Check out the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Notes for all the details.