Nikki: The beginner’s DSLR with a wealth of features

The Canon 800D is the latest in a line of entry-level DSLRs that offer more than just entry-level features. It’s also equipped with the same sensor and processor used on more expensive models and gives the relative beginner the power to take compelling pictures without having to spend professional-level money.

Nikki“I’ve just started working with ShoutSG as a talent on their videos – I’ve done three so far – and it’s partly because I’ve been interested in making videos since I was in secondary school. I used to make all sort of videos: makeup tutorials, videos of my shopping hauls and so on. I’m looking to kickstart my channel proper at the end of the year and have started looking at cameras to buy. The Canon EOS 800D happens to be something I have been eyeing. I’ve never worked with DSLRs before, but I find the 800D has everything that I need – it’s light, and it has the flip screen. The in-camera guided instructions are quite clear, and I don’t see any problems in learning how to shoot videos on it. I think it’s quite promising; the focusing speed is good and I think I can get a better lens for it. You can go to ShoutSG to check out their videos (and my videos) – they shoot with Canon DSLRs too!”

– Nikki


Canon EOS 800D

Canon EOS 800D

Body only: S$1,049, 18-55 kit: S$1,249, 18-135 kit: S$1,599