Melissa Poh gets active with the B&O BeoPlay A2 Active

B&O’s BeoPlay portable bluetooth speaker series goes adventurous with the new BeoPlay A2 Active, which improves on its predecessor with dust and and splash resistance and has up to 24-hours of battery life. Just 1.1kg in weight and available in natural, black, grey and green colours, the BeoPlay A2 Active looks great and sounds excellent in almost any outdoor venue, as our model Melissa figures out!

Melissa Poh

“It looks pretty cool and I like the different straps it comes with to carry it around, but I’m really surprised at how loud you can crank it up to and it sounds pretty clear until we hit maximum volume! I think this will be great for EDM.

I actually like all kinds of music but mostly I listen and dance to K-Pop. Oh, I have a few friends who always like to dance together and we often go to *SCAPE to dance. Actually, the speakers we usually use aren’t as powerful as this BeoPlay A2 Active and we usually get drowned out by the different dance groups there – we actually ‘fight’ using music with the other groups and sometimes when we try to record our dance videos you can’t really hear our music. So I think that this speaker, which is really really loud and clear would do a great job for us!

Check out my Instagram: m.meowmelz”

– Melissa Poh

B&O Beoplay Active

B&O BeoPlay A2 Active Speaker