Revolutionizing Home Cleaning with the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo

I am a stickler for cleanliness and recently incorporated the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo into my cleaning routine at home. It stands out as a revolutionary product, and let me tell you why. Check out a quick video I did while I was cleaning!

Unboxing the Dyad Pro Combo, I was immediately impressed by its sleek design and the array of attachments.

Setting it up was a breeze, and connecting it to the Roborock App was straightforward.

The app had a variety of features to customise my cleaning, such as drying duration, scheduled cleaning, as well as various cleaning settings. I was eager to see how it would handle the various challenges in my home.

Wet-dry Vacuum Feature

The living room floors are often exposed to food spills and stains. The wet-dry vacuum feature was a game changer. Being able to vacuum up crumbs and then immediately mop the floor without changing devices was incredibly efficient. The mopping performance, with its consistent pressure, tackled sticky spills and dried stains effortlessly. It was also extremely easy to manoeuvre.

With two front rollers that clean edges on both sides with less than 1mm margins, the rollers ensured every bit of the mess was cleaned up.

Multi-Surface Brush Attachment

The Multi-Surface Brush attachment made a noticeable difference. With its slim body, as I moved the vacuum underneath my dusty bed, I could see the powerful suction and brush action pulling out dirt that my old vacuum would have missed. The 17,000 Pa suction power was evident, leaving my floors and rugs looking noticeably cleaner and fresher.

Tight Corners

The Crevice Tool came in handy for dusting the hard-to-reach corners of my sliding doors and the narrow spaces behind furniture. I was impressed by how easily I could manoeuvre the vacuum into these tight spots, ensuring a thorough cleaning throughout my home. The powerful suction also ensured all the dirt and dust were sucked up right away.

Motorised Mini-Brush

As someone who struggles with allergies, the Motorized Mini-Brush was a blessing. I used it to vacuum my sofa and mattresses, and it was satisfying to see how much dust and allergens it removed, providing a cleaner and healthier living environment. I was so glad that I was now sleeping in a much cleaner space.

Self-Cleaning and Maintenance


The RevoBrush Self-Cleaning and Drying System was a standout feature for me. After each cleaning session, the rollers would clean and dry themselves, which meant I didn’t have to deal with the messy task of washing them manually. This feature alone made the cleaning process much more enjoyable.

Smart Features and Battery Life

The DirTect Smart Sensor was impressive, automatically adjusting the cleaning power based on the dirt level of my floors. The voice alerts kept me informed, and being able to control and monitor the vacuum through the app added a level of convenience I hadn’t experienced before. The battery life was more than sufficient for my entire house, cleaning efficiently without needing a recharge.

Final Thoughts
Overall, my experience with the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo was overwhelmingly positive. Its versatility in handling different surfaces and messes, combined with its smart features and ease of maintenance, made it a valuable addition to my home cleaning tools.

The Roborock Dyad Combo retails at S$799.90. To find out more click here.